How do I manipulate WhatsApp last seen

Freeze WhatsApp timestamps: That's how it works

The Freeze WhatsApp timestamp and thus avoid the update of the last online time. Find out here how you can still read your messages!

By downloading WhatsApp for Android or iOS, you can not only write messages, send photos or have VoIP calls, but also study the social behavior of your contacts. However, if you don't feel like justifying yourself because you were still online at 3:07 a.m., you can either completely deactivate the time stamp (under this path: Settings, Account, Data Protection, Last Online and the option Nobody) or use one of these two tricks.

Freeze WhatsApp timestamps and still read messages

In principle, the app does not offer any setting option to freeze the online status. There are still two ways to bypass the messenger's timestamp, airplane mode (only for reading messages) and pop-up notifications (for reading and replying to messages; however, not all devices support it). And this is how you proceed for both variants:

1. Activate airplane mode and secretly check messages

If you want to freeze the WhatsApp timestamp, you must first of all not open the app as long as there is any connection to the Internet. The easiest way to implement offline mode is in flight mode. For this purpose, the corresponding airplane icon is selected and activated in the settings. Now just open WhatsApp and read the messages. Then close the messenger and exit airplane mode again. The timestamp is not updated when doing this on either an Android or iPhone.

2. Enable pop-up notification and bypass time stamps on Android

The second variant is even more comfortable. Again, you must not open the app when you are connected to the Internet. The solution: You don't open the app, you can display incoming messages in a pop-up window. And this setting can even be selected or deactivated individually for each contact. The notifications can be found in the menu under the items Settings and Notifications. Here you can choose from the following pop-up notification settings for groups as well as individual contacts:

  • No pop-up
  • Only when the screen is "on"
  • Only when the screen is "off"
  • Always show pop-up

If you only want to activate pop-up notifications for selected contacts, open the corresponding chat and select the option in the menu Show contact. Activate the point Own notification, you can also specify for this one contact whether a pop-up is always displayed or only when the display is activated / deactivated. The nice thing about this variant is that you can even reply to messages without opening the application itself. This allows the WhatsApp timestamp to be frozen without losing contact with the favorites!

Proceed as follows for the same function on the iPhone:

Select the option Messages and the point show notifications activate. Under In-app notifications you can determine whether a banner or a notice is shown for an incoming message. If this should also work on the start screen, this feature must be available under Notification center to be activated.