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Shut down without installing automatic updates

Daniel Behrens

You are in a hurry and want to turn off the computer and then leave the house or office. But wait, what is it?

EnlargeHow to shut down Windows without installing automatic updates.
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Windows wants to update the system: Windows displays a yellow exclamation mark next to the “Shut down” button. It signals that Windows would like to install updates automatically when you exit. The time is now extremely inconvenient, because as an environmentally conscious PC user you naturally want to switch off the power strip after shutting down. And you don't have the time to wait until Windows has applied all the updates.

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What you can do: There is no option in the Windows 7 start menu to shut down the operating system without installing the updates. But there is a trick for doing this.

EnlargeIf you have to go fast: You can use the (somewhat hidden) exit dialog or a command line command to shut down Windows without installing updates.

To do this, call up the old "Exit" dialog: Quit all programs and click on an empty space on the desktop. If you now press ALT-F4, the "Exit dialog" known from older Windows versions appears. Here you then have the option of selecting "Shut down" instead of "Install updates and shut down".

You can also use the command line: An alternative to this is the command line command shutdown / s , which you either enter directly into the search field of the Windows 7 start menu or create a shortcut on the desktop. Be careful here, however: because a double click on the shortcut shuts down Windows without asking. The process can only be stopped if you give the command within 29 seconds shutdown / a send after. Regardless of which of the presented methods you ultimately choose, it is generally advisable not to postpone the installation of the updates for too long. As you probably know, these are usually patches that close security gaps.