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Wear in-ears correctly for optimal sound

With the trendy True Wireless In-Ears, headphones are experiencing a new boom. This naturally also attracts people who want to have in-ears for the first time. But in contrast to experienced in-ear bunnies, rookies are sometimes disillusioned with their new gadgets after their first experiences with their new gadgets when it comes to sound and comfort. Often it is down to the little things that significantly improve both. The Teufel Blog tells you how to get the best listening pleasure with your in-ears.

This is how you put your in-ear headphones in your ear correctly

With regard to in-ears, no other headphone design is heavily dependent on correct use and wear in terms of comfort and sound.

Step 1: Choosing the right ear tip

The first step is to find the right ear tip. Trying out helps here at the beginning, because every ear is different. Depending on the model, Teufel offers a selection of different sized ear tips included in the scope of delivery.

Step 2: the insertion

There is no one right way to use an in-ear. Rather, it is important to find a routine for yourself. This is similar to contact lenses, which also have to be in exactly the right position to work. “In Ear” means “in the ear” and, for once, this is to be taken literally. In order for this to work, it is helpful to pull your ear slightly backwards and upwards with one hand. This will widen the ear canal and make insertion easier.

This is how you can tell that your in-ear is sitting correctly

For many first-time in-ear users, it may be a bit strange not to hear any outside noise after inserting them, but this is how in-ears work. This also shows that the correct position has been reached. Due to the firm fit in the ear canal, you can hardly feel the weight of the in-ear any more, which should also make it comfortable to wear.

If the eartip fits, the earbud does not keep slipping out again and shields ambient noise very well. The earbud now has little play, sits tightly in the ear and does not “slouch” around.

Doesn't sound good enough and wobbles? That may be the reason

In-ear headphones require correct wearing of the sound. Of course, our developers also do the acoustic tuning. This also includes the fact that the ear canal is filled with the ear tip. If this is not the case, the best in-ear sounds much flatter. Below we have examples of inconvenient wearing.

In-ear headphones require correct wearing of the sound.

Too big ear tip

If the silicone attachment is too big, the headphones will only sit loosely and will likely fall out if you move too much. In addition, sound easily penetrates to the outside and the sound is not optimal.

Ear tip too small

In this case there is too much air between the ear tip and the ear canal. Sound is carried outwards and the sound image loses a lot of bass. Understanding is also more difficult when using the headset function. The wearing comfort is also not very comfortable because the device wobbles in the ear and easily slips out.


Wearing crooked

In this case, the headphones were used tilted and did not seal properly. In addition, parts of the sound are reflected before they even reach the auditory nerve. The sound is restricted when listening to music and making calls.


Insider tip: memory foam

Note: With attached memory foam attachments, the earbuds do not fit into the charging case and have to be removed before reloading.

Anyone who is unhappy with the comfort and sound despite all the trying can fall back on our - no longer entirely secret - tip: In-ear attachments made of so-called memory foam, for example from Comply (in specialist shops or on the Internet).

These foam attachments can be squeezed together strongly with the fingers and unfold to their original shape after being inserted. They adapt gently and precisely to each ear canal. The manufacturer advertises, among other things, that the bass sounds full when used.

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