I am a bad uncle

Prince Harry: is he a "bad uncle"?

He only met Charlotte when she was three weeks old. He also missed her baptism. Is that why Prince Harry is a "bad uncle"?

He is self-critical

Prince Harry, 30, supported the Australian military and has been campaigning for the conservation of endangered species in Africa for weeks. Sounds like a good representative of the British Crown. But he not only missed the birth of his niece Charlotte, whom he met three weeks later, but also her baptism. Harry apparently still regrets that and calls himself a "bad uncle".

Guilty conscience

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As the "Mail on Sunday" reports, Harry confided in an employee of a nature conservation organization when he accompanied her on a project lasting several days in the South African wilderness. Simson Uri-Khob from "Save the Rhino" told the newspaper: "[The prince said]:" What a bad uncle I am! I really should be there. But today I'm here, exactly where I want to be. "" Harry has admitted to being "privileged in many ways" and wants to spend more time in Africa in the future.

Harry, the down-to-earth royal

Harry is said to have presented himself not only as an accessible colleague, but as a competent helper without any airs. He actively helped when lions were sedated for tests and took on his share of cooking and washing up duties. Although Harry had bodyguards with him, he submitted to the "rough conditions" in the wilderness "without complaints", as Simson went on to say. "When I was introduced to him, I could immediately see that he would be a good companion and a team player."