A science student should do hotel management

I passed the 12th grade, after that I can't decide which one to choose?


The Indian education system is a bit tough for teenagers considering how to end your career right after your twelfth. However, it's worth noting that the stream you chose in your 12th will also have an impact on the choices you can make.

If you are a science student, you can prepare for one of the exams to take the IITs and do your engineering. At the same time, you can also get a B.Sc in any specialization.

If you're a commerce student, opt for a course like http://B.Com or BBA that relates to Accounts or Commerce.

If you're an art student, you can take your course in Media & Communication, Design, or History, among others.

All in all, it comes down to how interested you are in a particular area. If you are looking for an institute that offers one of the best deals, I recommend Symbiosis International University. Visit http://www.set-test.org/ to learn more.

Then go with the flow.
Join a college and take a seat in Engg. (no matter if private or not)

If you don't like that, take the basic degree (http://B.Sc, http://B.Com, BBA ,, BA-LLB). Any course you want.

The next three to four years you will grow and mature, you will be tested in this subject like bitter reality.
Go for books, friction, educational magazine (like Manorma, Pratiyogita Darpan)

You will encounter new things that are happening all over the world, in your country, in your state, and soon you will be where you can settle.

"Don't run after your dreams because 90% who run after them won't make it and 8% are not happy with them."

If the choice is not yours, you have to grow up a bit.

"Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best, and nothing good ever dies."

It depends on the discipline in which you passed your 12th exam.

  1. If it is Science acts , you can get approval for IITs or NITs or other prominent engineering schools with the preparation of JEE. Actually it's better, but you can choose any other one I think.
  2. If it is Trade trades, I would prefer you to do the same subject in your undergraduate degree.
  3. If it is Art acts , again, you have no choice but to Trade or science to operate. So better to wear.

Now aside from that, if you feel like you got a job early or not interested in studying, there are a few little skills you can go through.

I think you are totally crazy

You passed 12th place and still haven't decided what to choose, but as a philosopher it is my duty to answer you.

So if you have a degree in Mathematics (PCM) choose as many engineering sciences as you like. Once you've done this through trading, you can choose CA, BANKING, and any other government. FIELD,

And if you've studied art, you don't need to say what you're doing.

See your interest first and go beyond that.

It is not necessary that you know everything about your area of ​​interest. Hence it is important to keep the interest, rather to study.

After choosing your interest, there are so many choices at studies.go that suit you and do not lose your interest.

Now is the time to decide on your future study that will give you the package to introduce yourself. First you decide what is your weak zone and what is strong in which you are satisfied with it. Eg: when singing, when dancing, be an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, a defense attorney, etc. All that you choose and what you do. You act according to your interests and your future, depend on your actions, then better act according to your choice and serve the future, thank you.

First of all, I will congratulate you on successfully completing the HSC. Now it depends on what you want to be in your life or what area you are more interested in or what area you are good at, if you want to help and treat people and have an interest in patients, then you can do medicine choose if you want to become something (in my phase every engineer wants to become a LoL), like every engineer is and all do not strive to follow your dreams and act like this Never listen to your parents if it is not in your best interest . Many parents force their children to fulfill their dreams, but they never think about our children's interests. If you decide to go down the wrong path that one day is not in your best interest, no matter how much money you make, you will feel guilty inside.

Follow your dreams of what you really want to be in life

I'm studying in 12th grade. I have the same problem. But this can easily be sorted out. 1) Make a list of things that interest you.

2) Try something different. People usually start out in engineering these days. And yet we see many engineers without work. They could start studying in the Navy and they also have courses like engineering and they can guarantee you a good post in the Navy.

3) Exercise in one of your hobbies.

4) Try to start your own business.

5) Try something other than education. Many of my cousins ​​were involved in art and hotel management. For example, try to become a chef (if you are interested in cooking). You could start preparing Indian dishes overseas and find yourself successful.

6) Try to dream about your future. That helped me alot.

7) Read inspiring stories and watch movies that inspire you.

These points helped me a lot.

Lean back and relax !!!

This happens to almost everyone, whether you accept it or not.

Take a look around your family to see who can lead you, share your interest with the person concerned, and when you have the idea of ​​what area you want to be in, find someone who can this area is located, and clear up your doubts and find out what you are about to do.

And if you are unable to do all of this and speak to your parents, they will guide you. Your parents have the experience to believe in you.

If you are good economically, do it for the IIT. If you are good at math and science or computers, try to refine. If you are a bio or science expert, go for medicine. Which subject are you interested in, do you choose?

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Then you have to judge yourself and then decide what I will do in the future. Actually, I say for judges, because if you know that this submarine is stronger than you, you can easily achieve your own goal !!! And when you judge yourself ... Then you think that you know about the whole field and that you are achieving your goal and aspiring to this field.

It depends on which stream you come from or what profession you want to pursue.

First of all, what do you like or enjoy in your life and do that provided that it is legal. Follow your heart and have never regretted it in your life.

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