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No illegal download and no trial version either: This is about a correct full version. And if you like, you can also get a whole Adobe software package! Reach your goal in just a few steps.

Step # 1: We visit Adobe

After clicking on Adobe.de, the first step is to register. For many years, Adobe has required this login when it comes to the products, including the trial versions. So nothing unusual. And we can be sure that it is a real one reputable download page acts.

Danger: Adobe says that only customers who legally purchased CS2 or Acrobat 7 will be allowed to use it. The serial numbers are freely available on the download page. But before we start, Adobe would like to confirm with a small tick that we have once (sometime ...) licensed a corresponding product!


Step # 2: the download

Scrolled a little further down to see the download area. Click there Germanin order to have the corresponding program versions offered in German. Above, for example, the complete Creative Suite 2 is available (instructions below!), So numerous programs in one fell swoop.

This includes Acrobat, After Effects, Illustrator and also Photoshop! Right next to it is the serial number to see.


Step # 3: the installation

A location is selected, then over Further unzipped the files and installed the program. The license agreement is accepted and a user name and serial number are entered. If this is done, the desired image formats are assigned to Photoshop, then the installation is completed.


After completing the installation, the software can be started as usual. If you like, you can register now. For users of the current Photoshop version, CS2 is like a trip back in time. Still a practical download for the users who bought this software variant at the time. It always works without a subscription model.


Adobe Creative Suite for free on top of it

There are enough users who not only bought Photoshop at the time, but also the entire CS2 suite *. This includes Illustrator, InDesign, Bridge and Photoshop. The installation is a little more difficult, but is described here in simple steps (yeah!).

* Incidentally, for a price around 2000 euros, which today corresponds to about 33 months of CC subscription. ;-)

Step # 1: On to Adobe

In this case, too, it starts with a click on Adobe.de. Below you select GERMAN and in the first row the Creative Suite 2 for MAC and Windows is already available, but divided into different files. These correspond to the CDs that were included in the package at the time.

Step # 2: download it quickly

All files are downloaded to a folder. If this is done, the folder with the corresponding files will be opened. Choose CS_2.0_GR_Extras_1.exe on, hold down the Shift key, and click CS2_RetNon_Ger_3.exe. Four files should now be selected. over CS2_RetNon_Ger_1 you press the right mouse button and then go to in the selection menu to open.

Before you continue in the Adobe dialog window, you should individually with each file Further to confirm. So click for each disk image Further and then on Completeas prompted by the InstallShield wizard.

If Photoshop CS2 is installed, you should uninstall this program beforehand.

Step # 3: And Install Now!

If every file was unpacked in the same directory, it goes with CS2_RetNon_Ger_1 continue, which also calls up a dialog window. After a few "Next" and Accept the serial number is entered. The installation location is specified (an error message often complains because “x86” should not appear in the name), then via To install this started.

After the installation is complete, some programs require you to enter the serial number again or offer an update to bring the software up to date. Double click on the file VCS2.zip takes care of the extraction and installation of the Total Training Video Workshop. A nice addition.


Image editing: Photoshop Express, Mix and more for free

The very latest Photoshop versions are also available free of charge, but “only” as an app for iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro as well as Android and with slimmed-down tools.

Option # 1: Photoshop Express

The Adobe Photoshop Express app is a free image editing program for beginners. The application offers us a number of tools to optimize photos. These can be cut, rotated, mirrored and straightened.

The quality can also be optimized, for example the exposure that Saturation or the contrast be managed. Even a “red-eye tool” is offered.

They are very practical Looksto alienate a photo at the push of a button. Even the RAW format is supported here. This offers all the relevant functions to make your own recordings look even more beautiful in just a few steps. Operation is child's play, as we don't have to worry about entering values ​​or other complex settings.


Download for Android

Download for Apple


As can be read on the website for the app, there are even add-ons for the software more looks or thanks to that Advanced Adobe Package noise reduction to reduce the grain and stains and the DeFog function (to remove fog and veil). The results can then be easily distributed, for example in the relevant social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, but also by email and SMS to friends and relatives.

Option # 2: Photoshop Mix

App Photoshop Mix is ​​even more up-to-date, and photos can also be cropped. But it is also easy to combine different recordings across levels. Even that Clipping succeeds with a swipe of a finger. If you like, you can send an intermediate result to the large desktop version of the program and continue working there. All levels are also included there and are presented in groups.


Google Nik Collection now also free

The really high-quality plugins from Google provide analog effects, crisp black and white shots and even more beautiful colors. Noise reduction, a sharpening filter and HDR software are also included in the package.

Best quality extensions for Photoshop

Google Nik Collection free to download for Mac and Windows (429 MB)

After the download and the very simple installation, seven high-quality extensions are available directly in Photoshop. These are sorted under the filters after a restart. But there is also its own panel, which the Quick Start of the individual programs as well as selected specifications.


The Photoshop weblog has everything you need to know about image editing. We look forward to visiting the homepage.

By the way: Many photographers often wonder which software is better for photo retouching: Photoshop, LightRoom or Capture One. The professional photo editing company Fixthephoto explains this in a very useful article. There is also an English version: Lightroom or Capture One Pro: what is better for photo editing?