Why do lawn mowers have headlights

Muri - Two neighbors are terrorizing each other: with lawn mowers and headlights

Two neighbors are terrorizing each other: with lawn mowers and spotlights

Two neighbors meet at the Muri District Court after years of arguments. It's about lawn mower noise, bright lights, loud radio and barking dogs.

His neighbor mows the lawn several times within a few days just to harass him, said the plaintiff at the Muri District Court. He lets lamps shine extra brightly to disturb him. Amongst other things. The defendant, in turn, weighed it down: How often he mows the lawn depends on growth. "There have been times when it was necessary every day."

The mounted lamps are necessary to illuminate his property. After the negotiations, the court president Benno Weber said: "This is not about real problems, it is about adversity." A comparison of the parties, which have been quarreling for years, would be “absolutely necessary”, but presumably would not allow “the psychological situation of the two”. The judgment of the district court is communicated to the parties in writing.

It is about wanton and malicious noise and light nuisance, as the plaintiff's lawyer sums up. It's about chicane. The defendant, an elderly gentleman, set his outside lighting so that it also shines in a disruptive manner on the neighboring property. When the complaining couple smoke a cigarette or drink coffee on the seat, the neighbor also appears in his garden and looks over for minutes - in the dark with glaring lighting.

He also plagues them with noise: he mows the lawn even when it is absolutely unnecessary, deliberately turns up the radio inappropriately loudly, encourages the dog to bark and praises him for it - with the effect that the dog always barks, if the plaintiffs are on their property. The defendant's son often washed his car and rinsed the wheel arches particularly intensively, which in turn was associated with a lot of noise.

«Brutal light»

These perceptions are supported by a witness. In addition, he explains that the defendant had the shutters closed in the evening for 14 years, and recently he left one room open. In this room there is a strong lamp, "perhaps a spotlight" that gives "a brutal amount of light".

In any case, the witness, another neighbor of the defendant, can only sleep if he darkens his bedroom himself. The defendant also had "set up cameras around the house" and sneaked around the entire property. "It's a ticking time bomb that you never know what's going to happen."

The defendant, on the other hand, explains that he mows the lawn depending on its growth, "it has happened twice or three times every day". He does this with an "approved lawnmower". The complaining neighbor, on the other hand, mows his lawn "as if in a trance," he even has three or four lawnmowers.

The lighting is not strong, for the sake of peace he has also screwed in weaker light sources. After all, it is pure coincidence if he is outside at the same time as the neighbor. That the dog is always barking is an allegation. He only installed a camera so that he could see who was coming. If the son was to wash his car every two days, that was his business. "The farmers also spray their tractors every two days."

"One of you two tells finished crap," said court president Benno Weber, summarizing the situation, "one of you is lying."