Who are invited to the Ambani wedding

When billionaires get married

The richest man in the country has his daughter's wedding party cost millions. Hillary Clinton is also invited.

Mumbai. Millions of red roses adorn the portal of the 27-story Antilia Tower in Mumbai's posh Cumbala Hill district. Thin threads of light dangle from the ceiling, under which all those who are reputable in India gather. Bollywood stars, former presidents, incumbent ministers and even a former first lady of the USA come when India's richest man calls for a superlative wedding: Isha Ambani (27), only daughter of the industrial tycoon Mukesh Ambani, marries her childhood friend Anand Piramal (33 ) - scion of a real estate dynasty himself. And since Sunday there has been a lot of celebration.

Around 600 guests - just family and closest friends, assure the Ambanis - were invited to the exclusive celebration on Wednesday evening in the family's private home. The entire neighborhood where the family's Antilia skyscraper is located has been cordoned off. Luxury limousines pulled up. Hillary Clinton, former Indian President Pranjab Mukherjee, Bollywood icons and cricket stars walked the red carpet. For Mumbai's police, the society event was a challenge, increasing security in Cumbala Hill, one of the richest places in the world.

The fourth day is already being celebrated: It all started in Udaipur, the fairytale city in the south of the Rajasthan province. In former maharajah palaces - today luxury hotels - invitations were held for evening events, brunches, and afternoon teas. The highlight: a private concert by the pop singer Beyoncé, who performed in a golden glittering costume with an Indian touch. An app makes it easier for guests to navigate through the many amusements, including information on the required dress code.

Invitations in pink boxes with lots of gold, silk and lace, private jets, luxury suites, flowers and blossoms as far as the eye can see - nothing that the richest man's rich guests should lack. Photo documentation via Instagram is one of them. Last year you could experience Indian opulence in Vienna: The Belvedere, Palais Ferstel and Palais Liechtenstein were rented in June for the pompous wedding of a billionaire's daughter.

Committed to the money aristocracy

With a fortune of around 40 billion US dollars, the father of the current bride, Mukesh Ambani, is one of the 20 richest men in the world according to Forbes. Some Indian media report that he will have the wedding cost ten million dollars; others, however, write at least ten times as high expenditure. Whatever the case, the Ambanis will continue in 2019: their eldest son, Isha's twin brother, will get married. Allegedly in St. Moritz in Switzerland. (zoe)

("Die Presse", print edition, December 13, 2018)