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Example APA guidelines: Scientific article (journal) in prepublication

Posted on December 10, 2015 by Hannah Bachmann. Updated April 20, 2021.

If you use a scientific article (journal) in your bachelor thesis that has not yet been officially published, special APA guidelines apply.

There are two possibilities:

  1. The article is in press.
  2. The article is pre-published online.

In the source, you indicate whether the article is in print or has already been pre-published online.

Cite article in print according to APA

It can happen that an article is still in print and has not been pre-published online.

After the name of the authorship and in front of the title, the source is followed by the indication '(in print)'.

APA formatLast name of the authorship, initials of first names. (in print). Title of the article. Name of the journal.
In the bibliographyMüller, M. (in press). Neologisms in youth language. Mother tongue: quarterly for the German language.
In the text
  • The article “Neologisms in Youth Language” shows how ... (Müller, in press).
  • Müller (in press) shows in his article that….
APA formatLast name of author, initials of first name. (in press). Title of article. Name of journal.
In reference listSmith, J.M. (in press). Language acquisition among autistic children. Journal of Developmental Psychology.
In the text
  • According to the article "Language acquisition among autistic children" ... (Smith, in press).
  • Smith (in press) suggested in her article, that….

Cite article pre-published online according to APA

The difference to the article that is still in print is that this article has already been pre-published online. It can therefore be read online before it is published in a journal.

When citing the source, “online pre-publication” is given after the name of the journal.