What is the concept of God in Confucianism

What is Confucianism?

Confucianism, a religion of optimistic humanism, has had a monumental impact on the life, social structure and political philosophy of China. The founding of the religion goes back to a man named Confucius, who was born 500 years before Christ. Confucianism is primarily concerned with moral behavior and ethical way of life and is often classified as a system of ethics, not a religion. It emphasizes the earthly, not the heavenly. The teachings of Confucianism focus on:

1. Ancestor worship - worship of the deceased ancestors whose spirits - according to this belief, have control over the happiness of their descendants

2. Respect for the parents - affection and obedience as well as adoration for the elders of the family by the younger family members.

The primary principles of Confucianism are:

1. Jen - the golden rule

2. Chun-tai - virtue

3. Cheng-ming - take on the social role

4. Te - the power of virtue

5. Li - ideal code of conduct

6. Whom - the peaceful art (music, poetry, etc.)

The ethical system of Confucianism is recommended because virtue is always highly valued, individually as well as socially. However, the ethical philosophy that Confucius supports is shaped by personal effort, which leaves no space or need for God. Confucius taught that man is able to do whatever is necessary to improve his life and culture, relying on the virtue within to achieve this. Biblical Christianity, however, teaches just the opposite. Not only do humans lack the ability to “get a grip” on themselves, they cannot in any way please God through their own works or thereby maintain eternal life in heaven.

The Bible teaches that man is inherently sinful from birth (Jeremiah 17: 9) and unable to do enough good works himself to be acceptable to the holy and perfectly righteous God. "For by the works of the law no man will be righteous before him." (Romans 3:20). To put it simply, man needs the urgent help of a Savior. God provided this Redeemer and Savior through His Son, Jesus Christ, who paid the penalty for our sins on the cross in order to make us acceptable to God. He exchanged his perfect life for our sinful one: "For he made him who knew no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness that is before God" (2 Corinthians 5:21 ).

Confucianism, like all other false religions, is based on human deeds and abilities. Christianity alone recognizes: “They are all sinners and lack the glory they are supposed to have before God” (Romans 3:23), and its followers trust only in Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice on the cross offers redemption for all who offer believe him and place your trust not in yourself but in him alone.


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What is Confucianism?
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