How can you contact aliens

USA and Israel in contact with aliens?

2020 is an extraordinary year. It seems like the world is changing. The UFO topic was also repeatedly treated in the media. It wasn't until April of this year that the US Navy went public with videos showing unidentified flying objects. It seems hardly surprising that a high-ranking Israeli ex-general is now making such statements.

Ex-General speaks of "Galactic Federation"

But the statements really have it all. As Eshed stated in an interview, Israel and the US have been in contact with several extraterrestrial species for years, reports The Jerusalem Post. According to this, there should be a "Galactic Federation", which, however, has been kept secret because "humanity is not yet ready for it".

Haim Eshed: Base on Mars?

And the 87-year-old mentions other amazing details. So there should be an underground base on Mars, which should be operated by Americans and extraterrestrials alike. US President Donald Trump should also know about it and, according to Eshed, was on the verge of making this public. The "Galactic Federation" prevented him from doing so.

No evidence to support statements

Eshed cited the reason for his statements that the academic community had changed views on this. "If I had made these statements five years ago, I would have been admitted," said the 87-year-old in an interview. However, he was unable to provide evidence for his statements.