Where is my ticker on Facebook

Live tickers are now online for a large number of Facebook users

A small flood of emails awaited us after this weekend, because apparently the new live ticker is now available from many of you. However, this feature is not as completely new as most of our readers suspected. In June we had already reported in detail about the feature.

Whoever wants to know the many details can read the article from June: “First screenshots of an upcoming Facebook redesign ?! (Update) ". Here is a brief overview of the features:

  • The live ticker is displayed in the right sidebar. There either in the chat or directly on Facebook. This depends on your Facebook chat.
  • If the live ticker is displayed in the chat, the list of people is reduced enormously, at least visually
  • As the name suggests, the live ticker summarizes all events on Facebook live
  • For the new live ticker, we are sacrificing the "latest news" on the home page.

Many users should not like the new feature (as always), However, the feature cannot be switched off or changed (as always). Neither can you do anything to get the feature faster. Here in the editorial office, our Facebook profiles are not always up to date.

By the way, if you switch your Facebook to English, the new publisher with improved location and privacy features is already online. Here is a post with the details of the new Facebook Publisher: "Now online: The new Publisher (Tour)"

If you want to know more about new features and current tests, we recommend the post “Which Facebook version do you have?” Here in the blog. The tests and features are summarized there. The last month is missing here, however, so you can only read the blog diligently.