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  • Ohm discovered electrical resistance; Rights: AKG
  • No toast without resistance; Rights: Mauritius

At the beginning of the 19th century, physicists assumed that voltage and current are independent quantities of electrical force. The German physicist Georg Simon Ohm (1789-1854) doubts this. He makes a discovery that will be of decisive importance for the further development of electrical engineering.

For years, Ohm has been experimenting with conductors made of different metals. He realizes that their conductivity is different. Ohm concludes that the ratio between the voltage of a power generator and the strength of the electric current in a conductor is constant. Ohm denotes the ratio as electrical resistance. It causes heat reactions in the conductor - up to and including the glow of the tungsten filament in lightbulbs. Ohm's discovery is revolutionary. But it takes years for his knowledge to be appreciated.

The film describes the life of a physicist who is counted among the most important pioneers in electrical engineering today. He explains Ohm's discovery of electrical resistance: the basis of inventions such as electric cookers, toasters and lightbulbs.