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law Sciences

E280-01 | LAW

Technicians, architects and planners have always been forced to act in a legally predetermined environment. There is a tendency towards constant consolidation or refinement of the extremely complex legal framework that is decisive for the exercise of technical disciplines - both at the national level (Austrian and foreign, domestic law) and especially at the international level (international law) or in supranational community law (EU).

Against the background of the legal dynamics, the tasks of the Law Faculty (LAW) include

  • to continuously monitor technology-relevant legal developments (at national, European and international level),
  • to research legal structures and relationships with a view to technical disciplines,
  • identify specific legal problems and develop innovative, legally compliant solutions,
  • to offer practical, legal training for technology students,
  • to cooperate with numerous research institutions (internal or external at the TU), but also with industry and relevant interest groups
  • to actively participate in the optimization of the legal framework for technology and business.

The website of the department provides a detailed overview

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