Why is goddess Durga called Balakrida


Balakshatandula , Sanskrit बलक्षतण्डुला balakṣataṇḍulā f. , Sida_cordifolia. Balaksatandula is a Sanskrit feminine noun and means Sida_cordifolia.

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Different spellings for Balaksatandula

Here different spellings of this Sanskrit word: Balaksatandula in Devanagari is written "बलक्षतण्डुला, in the scientific IAST translation with diacritical marks this word is written" balakṣataṇḍulā ", in the Harvard-Kyoto transcription" balakSataNDulA ", in the Velthuis transcription" balak.sata.n. dulaa ", in the modern Internet Itrans transcription" balakShataNDulA ", in the SLP1 transliteration" balakzataRqulA ", in the IPA script" bələət̪əɳɖulɑː ".

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Balakshatandula is a word from the Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is also the language of Ayurveda and Yoga. Here is a video on the subject:

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These two Sanskrit dictionaries are also known as the Petersburg dictionaries.

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Summary Sanskrit-German

Balaksatandula German translation

The Sanskrit word Balaksatandula can be translated into German as Sida_cordifolia.

Sida cordifolia Sanskrit translation

German Sida cordifolia can be translated into Sanskrit with Balaksatandula. For other possibilities of Sanskrit translation see Sida cordifolia Sanskrit.