Uses the DSG automatic transmission oil

Gear flushing

When should a transmission flush take place?

It makes sense to flush the gearbox after a gearbox repair and before changing the gearbox oil. The service book of many automobile manufacturers also specifies a recommended time for flushing the transmission. It is important that the transmission is flushed and the transmission oil is changed at regular intervals.

With the automatic transmission or the automated DSG, the transmission must be thoroughly rinsed once after around 85,000 km. A delayed gear change and shifting of the shift points can indicate a defect. If this is the case, we recommend that you have your vehicle properly checked by our professional specialists.

Gear flushing at M + S Siekmeier

In our opinion, the transmission must be thoroughly flushed before changing the transmission oil. Before we start rinsing, we add a cleaning additive to the oil circuit and let it run for a few minutes in all gears. This means that the cleaning additive is distributed throughout the entire transmission. Then we connect our special flushing device between the gearbox and the oil cooler. The used oil is pumped into the flushing device with the help of our gear oil pump.

In addition, the oil pan of the automatic transmission is cleaned and removed and the oil filter is changed. When the oil pan and filter are reinserted, the new oil is poured in using our flushing device. Finally, the transmission is flushed and the on-board electronics are adapted to the new oil.

What are the costs for a gear flush?

As part of a transmission flushing process, further subtasks have to be mastered, such as removing and installing certain vehicle parts. In addition, proper gear flushing takes some time. The time required is of course also linked to the price, because the entire process takes about 4 to 5 hours on average.

If there are further defects on the gearbox and you would like us to fix them, this must be paid for separately. We are happy to give you a non-binding cost estimate so that you know what to expect. If we were able to convince you of our competencies, please do not hesitate to contact us.