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The plot of Dunkirk

In May 1940, during the incessant raging Second World War, the small French port city of Dunkirk became the scene of a daring evacuation maneuver. That is where French and British soldiers holed up from the Germans. However, this has by no means made their situation any better, but rather more hopeless, after all, Dunkirk with the sea at your back and the aggressive Germans outside the walls has become a dead end.

The only bright spot is the daring operation called Dynamo, in which brave soldiers in the air, like the Spitfire pilot Farrier, are to provide escort, while simple sailors, like Mr. Dawson and his assistant George, evacuate the soldiers by water with their small boats . However, time is extremely short, because the common foot soldiers like Gibson, Alex and Tommy cannot withstand the constant fire from the Germans for much longer.

Dunkirk - Detailed review

“Dunkirk” is an incredibly intense film experience that clearly bears the signature of the old master Christopher Nolan, who always goes one step further in his productions. And so he once declared in a statement that “Dunkirk” is not a war film, but rather an exciting thriller.

In fact, the scenes in "Dunkirk" are nowhere near as bloody and detailed as it is perhaps the case in "Black Hawk Down", "American Sniper - The Tale of Sniper Chris Kyle" or "Pearl Harbor". But that's not too bad, because what "Dunkirk" lacks in horror and torn corpses, Christopher Nolan makes up for with an incredible narrative speed. While Steven Spielberg takes a break after the first 20 minutes in "Saving Private Ryan", which is really intense, Nolan is just beginning. For the soldiers there is hardly a moment of calm or even relief. The constant bombardment of the Germans can be felt every minute.

This is not least due to the fact that Nolan keeps jumping back and forth between three narrative strands. So in one minute we see how the soldiers, here played by Harry Styles, Fionn Whitehead and Aneurin Barnard, barricade themselves in the port city of Dunkirk. In the next minute we see Tom Hardy as he stands up to the Germans as a Spitfire pilot Farrier and in the following minute the civilian Mr. Dawson (Mark Rylance) makes his way straight to the contested area with his little cutter .

Although the characters are kept quite flat, not a single figure has a history, but the fast pace that you experience as a spectator yourself, nevertheless, develop sympathy for the respective soldiers.