Who is the richest person in Sweden

BillionairesThe richest Scandinavians

Compared to other European countries, the number of billionaires from Scandinavia is manageable, as the billionaire ranking of the US business magazine Forbes shows. While Sweden, with 31 super-rich, is just behind other European countries such as Italy or France, Finland and Denmark only have single-digit numbers. Norway has twelve billionaires.

However, a look at the wealth of the richest Scandinavians shows that they are in no way inferior to their European neighbors. The 57 billionaires in the region weighed almost 187 billion US dollars at the beginning of July. Here, too, the lion's share - around US $ 106.6 billion - comes from Sweden.

Despite the Swedish dominance, several other Scandinavians are also among the richest in the region. At the top are entrepreneurs who stand for well-known brands and products. Compared to the Forbes ranking of the previous year, some of those placed were able to maintain their position in 2020. However, some new faces have mixed in with the richest ten.

These are the richest Scandinavians in 2020

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Bertil Hult

In 1965, EF founder Bertil Hult started the first language trip to southern England for 33 students and two teachers. Since then, the former "European Holiday School" from Stockholm has grown into a group of companies with more than 600 offices in 114 countries. The name has changed: the company is now called "Education First". In 2008, Hult retired from operational business, and his sons are now running the company. Forbes estimates the Swede's net worth at $ 5 billion. Hult is also involved outside the company: Among other things, he is a sponsor of the “Hult Prize” for young budding founders.

# 9 Antonia Axson Johnson

For almost 40 years, Antonia Axson Johnson has headed the Axel Johnson Group, which is active in retail in Sweden and other European countries. In 1982 she took over the business from her father. Axson Johnson handed over the chairmanship of the board of directors to her daughter in 2015, but she is still part of the board of directors and owner of the company. Her net worth is $ 5.1 billion, according to Forbes. In her home country she ranks second among the richest Swedes, and in a regional comparison it is ninth.

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# 8 Melker Schörling and family

In 1987 Melker Schörling became CEO of the Swedish security company Securitas. In 1999 he founded his own investment company and went public seven years later. According to Forbes, Melker Schörling Investment holds shares in the locking system manufacturer Assa Abloy and in Hexagon AB, a Swedish group for measurement technology and software. In 2017, Schörling retired from his management positions and handed over the offices to his daughters. The family's net worth is $ 5.6 billion, according to Forbes. In addition, Schörling is one of Sweden's largest property owners.

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# 7 Frederik Paulsen

When Frederik Paulsen (picture, right) took over his father's pharmaceutical company in 1983, today's Ferring group was still in its infancy. Almost 40 years later, the annual turnover of 15 million US dollars has grown to 2.2 billion US dollars. Ferring now employs 6,500 people in almost 60 countries. Ferring actually comes from Sweden, but today the company is based in Switzerland - with Frederik Paulsen as Chairman of the Board of Directors. His net worth is $ 5.8 billion, according to Forbes.

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# 6 Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and family

Four family members share sixth place in the ranking of the richest Scandinavians. We're talking about the owners of the iconic toy Lego. Long-time Lego boss Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen shares around 75 percent of the company's shares with his three children Thomas, Sofie and Agnete. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen retired from the company in April 2019. His son Thomas is Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors. In addition to the toy manufacturer, the family also holds shares in the operator of the Legoland amusement park and invests in wind parks and real estate. Her net worth is $ 6.1 billion.