Who is Kanye West's father

Kanye West's Crazy Campaign Show: "My Dad Wanted To Abort Me"

Like Donald Trump in 2015, he seems to be serious about his attempt at the White House.

Rap star Kanye West held its first campaign event. Like his previous announcements about his alleged presidential ambitions, it was chaotic. West burst into tears during Sunday's performance in the state of South Carolina when he said his father tried to have him aborted.

“My mother saved my life,” said the 43-year-old. He went on to say that he himself urged his wife Kim Kardashian to have an abortion when the reality TV star was pregnant with North - the couple's oldest daughter. “I almost killed my daughter! I almost killed my daughter, ”West exclaimed.

The musician also claimed that famous African American escape helper Harriet Tubman (1820-1913) never freed slaves. Rather, she had "let the slaves work for other white people". Tubman's life is the theme of the film "Harriet - The Path to Freedom" from last year.

Only invited guests were allowed to attend the rapper's election event in Charleston. West wore a bulletproof vest that said "Safety". According to US media reports, the participants had to commit themselves in a written declaration to wear masks during the event and to keep their distance from other guests.

West had announced on Independence Day on July 4th, to everyone's surprise, that he would run for the presidential election in November. Since then, it has been puzzled in the US how serious he really means it.

West has long been an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump. Most recently, however, he distanced himself from the right-wing populist. Observers point out that in some hotly contested key states, the rapper could harm Trump's Democratic Party rival-designate Joe Biden if West actually ran and won black votes.