How can Google be important to business

Put your business in the spotlight on Google Maps

Present your company with great pictures on Google Maps and convince potential customers to visit your store. Street View certified photographers will help you create an engaging virtual tour. You can also take the pictures yourself with equipment suitable for Street View.

360 ° images and tours generate more sales

Having high-quality photos in your business listing will appeal to users and help you attract new customers. With 360 ° tours, shop visitors can take a look at your store in advance. This increases your online visibility.

62% of visitors prefer entries with interior shots of the store.

Adding photos and a virtual tour is twice as likely to attract potential customers with your listing.

Complete posts can help you build trust. Companies that do this are 78% more likely to be considered well-established.

On average, 41% of business searches on Google Maps result in a visit to the store.

Complete entries with photos and tours increase willingness to buy by 29%.

Present your company from every angle

With a virtual tour of your store or current Street View photos, you can build trust with users. It also helps potential customers find you faster. Hire a certified Street View photographer or use the Street View app to create and publish the photos yourself.

Hire a certified Street View photographer

Real professionals know exactly how a photo has to look so that Google Maps users will love it. Would you like to present your new facade with current pictures at street level in Street View or show users the interiors of your company with an appealing virtual tour? Then simply hire a photographer in your area - you can find contact details on our list of available professionals.

Create 360 ​​° tours yourself

Take and publish 360 ° pictures yourself with equipment suitable for Street View. With professional tools you can create appealing virtual tours and inspire potential customers. The Street View app can be used to share, transfer or publish 360 ° images on Google Maps.

A professional offers these advantages

You can draw even more attention to your company with professional photos on Google Maps. Simply hire a certified professional to do this. Before you start, you should know what role each party is playing.

Business owner

  • The certified photographers are not employed by Google, but work on their own account. Therefore, Google takes no responsibility for the quality of the respective service.
  • All negotiations and agreements regarding conditions, services and costs of the recordings take place exclusively between you and the photographer.
  • All payments for the virtual tour or recordings are made directly to the certified photographer. Google doesn't take payments.
  • If there is a disagreement between you and the photographer or agency about the shots, you have to resolve them yourself.
  • If you'd like to report an issue with a certified Street View photographer, fill out this form.

Use Street View services

You can hire certified professionals to take pictures with Street View ready equipment and publish them so that Street View shows up-to-date photos of your neighborhood.

  • Google itself does not employ any photographers or agencies. However, contributors may publish current Street View images of streets. On our list of available professionals you will find photographers and agencies who have already contributed impressive images.
  • We'll continue to travel, take and publish photos in many countries so you can explore places around the world. You can see if we are near you anytime soon. If we are not fast enough for you, simply hire a certified professional yourself and publish the latest pictures.