What is CorelDRAW 2019

CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2019 is now available

NEW: Now also in a Mac OS version
by Michael Schüle,

Corel Corporation is delivering its graphics suite in version 2019 and - new - in a Mac OS version just in time for the 30th anniversary of the page layout and vector illustration software "CorelDraw". Both program packages contain the new "CorelDraw.app" web application and have an extended range of functions, some with AI support.



Graphic and media design on all platforms

In the 2019 version, the »CorelDraw Graphics Suite« is no longer only available for Windows, but also completely redeveloped for Mac OS. Both packages include the new "CorelDraw.app" web application, which enables graphics to be created, presented and annotated on the go. The »CorelDraw Graphics Suite« includes the drawing program »CorelDraw«, the image processing software »Corel Photo-Paint«, the program »AfterShot HDR«, which is particularly interesting for processing RAW files, and the font management software »Corel Font Manager«. The content management tool "Corel Connect" and the vectorization program "Corel PowerTrace" are integrated.

The CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2109 for Mac was developed from scratch by Corel. It supports the Dark Mode of Mac OS Mojave and the Touch Bar of Mac Book Pro. Thanks to the new Javascript support on both platforms, according to Corel, workflows can be easily automated and integrated into company processes.

In both operating system variants, users benefit from "tools that are sometimes unique," as Corel emphasizes. Examples are the symmetry mode, the clear, variable node processing, the support of the output of large format drawings, the support of multi-page layouts without changing the program or the simple change of the interface language.
With the »CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2019«, Corel 150 provides mostly completely new, professionally designed templates, 1,000 fonts, 7,000 cliparts / digital images and 1,000 high-resolution photos. The package alone contains around 2,000 vehicle templates.

A special feature of »CorelDraw« is »LiveSketch«, a drawing tool for vector graphics that uses a neural network. »LiveSketch« should convey a drawing experience like with pen and paper. Hand-drawn strokes are intelligently interpreted, adjusted and combined with already existing vector curves. This is intended to make it easy to sketch and draw complex vector shapes on devices that have the pen enabled.


The most important innovations in the suite:

  • Objects docker: The new docking window »Objects« offers direct control over the structure of a document and quick access to its components.
  • Non-destructive effects: Effects on vectors and bitmaps can be modified as required - without overwriting the source object or source image in »CorelDraw«.
  • Pixel-perfect workflow: Razor-sharp web graphics are the result of the new, pixel-perfect implementation of drawings for output in pixels. The pixel grid can be aligned to the edge of the page so that exported graphics have clean edges. The new "Align to Pixel Grid" button makes it easy to correct shapes.
  • Modern templates: Thanks to a large selection of 150 professionally designed templates, some of them new, which can be opened via the optimized »New from Template« dialog box, users achieve results quickly. All templates can be customized to create individual designs.
  • Extended compatibility: The »CorelDraw Graphics Suite« already supported over 100 file formats in the previous versions, including DWG and EPS. With Version 2019, Corel is expanding this comprehensive compatibility, for example with PDF / X-4 output.
  • Appearance and performance: Users benefit from improvements to the user interface that are designed to make navigation easier, as well as greater consistency and productivity, according to Corel. The suite reacts even faster when dealing with text. You start and load documents faster and render graphics much faster.


Prices and availability

The recommended retail price for the full version of CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2019 for Windows or Mac is 699 euros. Registered users of a previous version of the CorelDraw Graphics Suite can purchase the upgrade to the Windows suite for 349 euros. The subscription costs 239.40 euros per year. The euro prices include VAT.

Access to »CorelDraw.app« is included in the purchase of the »CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2019«. Corporate customers can choose from Volume licensing options and maintenance that offer advantages such as network installation and virtualization.

The page layout and vector illustration software "CorelDraw 2019" is also available in the Apple Mac App Store and in the Microsoft Store for Windows by subscription as a single application.



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