What running groups are there in Sydney, Australia


Sydney Marathon 23-09-2007

Heinz-J├╝rgen Tjaden and Dieter Baumann
Frankfurt Marathon 30-10-2004

Reasons for running in the running club
Everyone knows running and with very few restrictions everyone can do it, regardless of age and gender, height and weight, skin color and nationality. You don't have to learn to walk, it is innate and one of the most primitive human movements.

However, most people who want to start running lack guidance. Most of the time something goes wrong when an inexperienced person just walks into the forest and starts running.

It starts with the wrong footwear, goes over the wrong speed and ends with a partially harmful posture. We just need time and some professional guidance. At least until we "remember" the running movements. This is especially important for people from middle age who have not done regular sport for a long time. Scientific studies have shown that even those over the age of 70 are able to understand adaptation processes with well-dosed running training and show positive physical changes. Running is not only ideal as an individual sport, but also as a community and family sport. You can jog together without much organizational or financial effort. The prerequisite for having fun together, however, is that everyone is either ready to set their pace to the slowest runner or that they are equally capable. Therefore, the division into performance groups is ideal, as we do in the running club. In this way, everyone can run according to their individual level of performance in a relaxed atmosphere and optimally benefit from the experiences of others.

In summary this means:
Running in the running club

  • Increases well-being
  • gets your heart and circulation going
  • keeps you fit and is a lot of fun in the community
  • offers special care for beginners and newcomers
  • offers a wide variety of performance groups under professional guidance
  • and is an offer for the whole family, for young and old!