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Hurricane packing list

The Hurricane Festival has been taking place on the motorcycle sand track since 1997 Oak ring at Scheeßel in Lower Saxony. Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, The Prodigy, Billy Talent, Marteria and Kraftklub are among the bands that will play at the Hurricane Festival 2018. Around 70,000 festival goers make it one of the largest festivals in Germany. You can find the official site here. Here is an overview of the packing checklist. You certainly don't need everything. See them as inspiration.

Also, check out these 30 camping gadgets and the festival gadgets. Have fun!

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Money & Finance

With the Hurricane, as with every festival, the following applies: only take the bare minimum with you, i.e. not too much cash. A small wallet is not noticeable in the trouser pocket and offers space for the most important money cards and bills.


Hygiene doesn't play the biggest role at festivals :-), but a few things should be on your Hurricane packing list: shower stuff, deodorant, sunscreen, skin and hair care in travel packaging, if possible.


Comfortable things to dance to and run around the campsite - these are the central clothing requirements. Depending on the weather, you should also be prepared for heat or cold. A fleece is always good.

Cooking / grilling

Camping on the festival site means: self-sufficiency! Here you will find the most important items of equipment for cooking at the Hurricane Festival.

Here you will find the most important equipment for cooking while camping.

Eat Drink

You can find out whether glass is allowed on the Hurricane website. The most important things to cook and grill at the Hurricane Festival are shown below:

Medicines / pharmacy

If your head hurts from the sun, lack of sleep or the volume, a mini first-aid kit with the most important medications will look good.

Papers & documents

So that the Hurricane ticket does not stay at home, you will find a list of the most important papers for the festival here.

Backpacks & Bags

A trekking backpack is usually the most comfortable choice so that you can get your things comfortably from your car to your tent.


As with any festival, your shoes should be comfortable and adapted to the weather forecast. Sometimes rubber boots are the best solution, sometimes flip flops. Also think of flip-flops for the shower.


We come to other things for the Hurricane Festival from the earplugs to the travel towel. Don't forget the rain cape too!

I also have a digital packing list with useful apps and entertainment.

Here you will find 37 practical travel gadgets for women.

Here you will also find 20 festival gadgets for festival goers.

Technical equipment

Fancy a bluetooth speaker or a power bank? Some hurricane-goers are well equipped on the festival site. But be careful, because nothing is really safe on the campsite.

Here you will find 20 useful technology gadgets for travel.

Camping / sleeping

Nobody knows how much you will sleep, but to increase your chances of getting a few hours of sleep, there are a few things to keep in mind:

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