How do you know yourself differently?

How well do you know yourself?

How many lives do I need to finally arrive with myself and be a solid personality? This question crossed my mind the other day as I was walking around our neighborhood to organize my thoughts and relax my neck.

I had been restless inside for days and didn't feel good about myself. Was dissatisfied with me and yet couldn't say where this feeling was coming from.

At such moments I either pick up my notebook and put my thoughts on paper or I go out into nature.
Sometimes it feels like I have a swarm of bees in my head, which are flying back and forth restlessly and I have learned to look at my surroundings at such moments. Not wanting to hold onto a thought at first. With every step and conscious inhalation and exhalation I come to rest and there is space for questions or concrete thoughts ... and answers.

So this time the walk, because physical exercise often also gets my thoughts and feelings in motion.

From canvas to painting

I often felt out of place in my life. Until one day I realized that I had been looking for myself outside for many years. The picture that other people had of me was the template and I made myself the canvas of their wishes and ideas. It seemed to be the way to her approval and love. I wanted to belong. To a family, to a team, to a group of friends. With this attitude I prevented myself from going my own way and developing my personality for a long time.

How often do we copy what we see in other people? Affirming what consensus in the crowd is and keeping silent instead of discussing when we disagree?

Why do we think other people know better what we can, like, or what we are capable of?

Where is the friction, curiosity, being different ... everything that makes development and growth possible? Why do we run with the crowd so often?

However, this diminishes the chance that we will make a difference and change something in life. That we can make this world more colorful, happier, wiser or healthier. Depending on what our talents are.

To show what we are made of is a natural need. I don't mean boasting or self-centeredness that keeps others down. Rather, living out our natural talents. I am deeply convinced that the moment we show ourselves with all our talents, weaknesses and strengths, longings, flaws, craziness and convictions, something in our hearts will come into its place. Snaps into place.

And then the real picture that is in us is allowed to develop. Then all our facets blossom and we start to shine. Every piece of the puzzle is in its place - and the miracle of being human means to me that we always have growth potential.

As much as all people on earth have the need to be loved, so exactly do they recognize in their hearts whether it is really for their own sake. Because our heart is too clever not to notice when we will turn back to canvas and give other people the brushes.

To be at home in you

For me, having personality means resting in myself - without being frozen. Having values ​​and living according to them - from the inside out. To grow with challenges and to always be aware of the ability to act. To look for the answers in me and not in other people. To be completely me.

During the walk it became clear to me that this question about having arrived arose out of my uncertainty: I fell into the comparison trap. In the past few weeks I had often looked to the right and left, like the others are doing, instead of looking into myself and finding my answers there.

You don't need someone to tell you how to be. Take off the mask and show the world your whole being - your joy and your tears, your questions and your answers. Turn the other voices down and listen to your heart.

What do you want to show the world?
What do you want to say to the world?
Which woman do you want to be today?

You have arrived at yourself if you answer these questions from a mindful attitude towards yourself. That means not asking what you get out of it or what other people give you. That means giving yourself away to life.

These sentences can help you to get to know yourself better:

Complete the sentences as handwritten as possible ... and very intuitively. Maybe you want to make yourself a cup of tea beforehand, take a few deep breaths or just listen to your heartbeat for a few minutes.

  • If I paid more attention to myself and my needs, I would ...

  • In order to feel good all around, I need ...

  • When I get home, I am especially happy about ...

  • In order to be able to open up to other people, I need ...

  • If I didn't have to please anyone, I would like to ...

  • To live a full life means for me ...!

You answer these questions just for yourself. Your answers don't have to involve any action at all. It's about meeting yourself, liking yourself and staying true to you. It is about the loving and mindful relationship with you. It is the basis for all further authentic and lively relationships and for your very personal path.

I hope you enjoy discovering your personality.

All the best for you
Your Martina