Moves DHL packages on weekends

The delivery on the desired delivery day was chosen.

With the desired day service, DHL enables a parcel to be stored up to a certain day. This can be useful, for example, if the recipient is difficult to reach on weekdays and would rather have a package delivered on Saturday.

To order a delivery on the desired day, the sender of the package must either have sent the recipient's email address to DHL. Or the recipient must be registered with Then the recipient receives a notification by email and can order the day of their choice. This is also possible via the DHL app.

Attention: A desired delivery date can only be agreed if it is booked by the evening before at the latest. It is not possible to postpone a delivery announced for the same day early in the morning. Then the parcel has already passed through the sorting system and can no longer be stopped.


If a recipient has requested a desired day, the DHL delivery driver will be informed of the desired day in the hand scanner. A label is then printed out and affixed to the package (example: photo below). The package is then placed in a roll container and remains there until the requested day. There are 6 roll containers in the DHL delivery bases, i.e. one for every day from Monday to Saturday.

Sometimes the requested day parcels are stored beyond the requested day because the delivery person may be overloaded and no longer has free capacities on the requested day. If a package stored up to the desired day is not removed from the warehouse on the desired day, there is no possibility of receiving the package on that day. For this reason, the Paketda editorial team recommends not to use the requested day service for important parcels (which must definitely arrive on a certain day).

If a desired date has not been met, the recipient should call DHL and ask that the regional delivery base deliver the package as soon as possible. However, we have received many reports from affected customers who tell us that DHL customer service cannot influence desired-day parcels. If the desired day has been missed, it is impossible to predict when the package will actually be delivered.

You can also read our guide to DHL delivery in a time frame of your choice.


And in English this package status is:
"The preferred day delivery on ... was ordered by recipient."