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"The Council of Wise Men": When is it time to change jobs?

"The Council of Wise Men" of Application.com is a group of top-class HR and career experts who regularly provide tips on Application, salary and career give. In this episode our sage answersBernd Slaghuis * this question:

"Mr. Slaghuis, when is it time to go?"

Bernd Slaghuis: "It's time for a new job, when the time is right for you. Ideally, not out of some necessity or because you've read that you have to change every three years to make a career. Job changes for the sake of resume hygiene are closed Not a good idea at any time. You are the boss of your life and you can decide when a change is right for you. Because you have become bored over time and you long for something new. Because you are familiar with the strategy of your employer or the products you can no longer identify and you are now passionate about other industries or topics. Because your boss has changed and you have not found a green branch with this or the new one. Because it is time for you to take the next development step in your career or maybe also because you want to live in another city.The motivation for a new job is as individual as there are people.

When what is really important in your job is missing

Without exception, everyone who comes to me for career coaching with the intention of switching, no longer fulfills everything that is important to them in their job. They are not allowed to participate, receive too little recognition, they have lost the meaning of their actions, they do not feel part of the team, they constantly feel injustice or dishonesty or they see no future in the company. It takes enormous strength to work permanently against our personal values. Freedom is very important to me. I feel it immediately when I am too restricted in it, even as a self-employed person. I often meet people who, from my experience, can endure such conditions for too long in their current occupations. Permanent frustration at work as well as health and private problems are the consequences. Many of them hope and talk to each other that things will improve on their own at some point, or they are afraid to talk to their boss. Those who endure this for months or even years weaken themselves and make themselves lamentably the victim of the circumstances. An attitude that not only costs zest for life, but ultimately also makes it difficult to implement the job change in the role of applicant.

A job change can take time

If, despite the frustration, you are in the comfortable position of being able to freely decide when to change compared to, for example, having received a notice of termination, then allow and take the time for yourself before you hastily search for jobs on job boards. Make yourself aware of what will be really important to you in your profession in the coming years and what should be done specifically and in what form in order to be motivated and able to enjoy more joy again. Create the necessary clarity for yourself that you need for your next professional step: What excites you, which new positions are possible, what would be an ideal working environment - and what will you give up for this? Take the time to be creative and curious to discover the many possibilities that are open to you. At the end of the day, you decide what is a good time for you and those around you to take this step in your career and thus begin a new chapter in your life. " *The wise: Career and business coach Dr. Bernd Slaghuis (www.bernd-slaghuis.de) is an expert in professional reorientation, application and healthy leadership. As a board assistant and former manager, he comes from the field. The systemic coach and doctorate in economics stands for a new understanding of career. Since 2011 he has been working in his Cologne office with employees and executives on their next steps in their career and with applicants on their individual application strategy. His blog “Change of Perspective” is one of the most widely read career blogs in Germany. He is a XING industry insider, columnist and guest author for various career and management magazines. Slaghuis holds lectures throughout Germany, moderates workshops and gives seminars.

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