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"Absolutely phenomenal": First reactions to the Netflix hit "Extinction"

Eric Eisenberg from CinemaBlend attended one of the first screenings of Alex Garland's "Extinction" and then published not only his Twitter reaction, but also that of some colleagues in the online magazine. Eisenberg himself called the film "absolutely phenomenal". He was beautiful and mesmerizing, with brilliant acting from the entire ensemble. "It is an extraordinary vision and contains a sequence that is so exciting that I literally felt dizzy afterwards," continues the author, who undoubtedly sees "extinction" in his 2018 top ten.

But the colleagues he quoted also praised the film. Erik Davis from fandango Writes: “Alex Garland's 'Extinction' is another example of the kind of clever sci-fi films we don't see enough of. The female cast is badass and the story is beautiful and extremely disturbing at the same time, and the ending will be talked about for days. "

Jenna Busch from Coming soon found the film stunning. He is beautifully made, captivating and clever. She first has to process everything for a while and then wants to look at him again.

Ben Pearson from Slash movie it wouldn't be surprising if “Extinction” is hailed as a masterpiece: “This is the kind of sci-fi we always say we want to see. Daring, demanding, unique, visually stunning. "

Instead of a masterpiece, Drew mentions Taylor from Moviefone and The playlist the film a "new sci-fi classic". It is brilliant, rousing, provocative, with both metaphorical depth and narrative tension.

It is not yet known when “Extinction”, in which Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez and Jennifer Jason Leigh as scientists investigate the secret of a contaminated area, will be featured on Netflix. In the USA, "Annihilation", according to the original title, will start in theaters on February 23, 2018. According to our information, Netflix is ​​not allowed to evaluate it in Germany and the rest of the world until 17 days after the US launch at the earliest.