What is the most underrated life hack

47 best tech life hacks of all time

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(Pocket-lint) - There are a multitude of technical tips and tricks that can make your everyday life easier and make your life a lot easier.

For example, Apple's charging cables for iOS devices and Macs tend to fray after a few years, so you often have to spend money to replace them (unless you don't care about them catching fire and ruining everything you own and love). Well, we know of a nifty hack that will prevent your Apple cables from fraying in the first place. In fact, we know stacks of different hacks - and each one will leave you wondering how you ever survived without them for so long.

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Enhance your Wi-Fi signal

If you find that your home WiFi is a little unreliable, it may be because your neighbor's WiFi is overlapping with your neighbor's. The Wi-Fi Analyzer app might be the answer to your problems. This app scans frequencies and gives recommendations on the optimal channels for your network to avoid overlapping. The result is faster WiFi with far less effort.

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Find Wikipedia pages nearby

Always wanted to know more about your neighborhood? Wikipedia has a tool nearby that brings up a variety of different pages about places and things near you. Just go to this website and give your permission to access your location. You will then see a list of Wikipedia articles based on where you are.

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Find websites without going to them

Browsing YouTube has never been easier than with this trick: if you're using the Google Chrome browser, you can type YouTube.com in your address bar, then hit the tab key and search YouTube right in your address bar. Gone are the days of actually going to YouTube to find something.

This little trick works with other websites too. You can search Amazon, Netflix, and even Pocket-Lint right from your address bar.

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Shortcut to pause a YouTube video

We think little tricks are fun too. For example, if you press K or the spacebar while watching a video on YouTube, the video will pause or play. How neat is that? And it works regardless of where you last clicked on the page.

There are also other keyboard shortcuts:

  • Press J to rewind 10 seconds
  • Press L to fast forward 10 seconds
  • F puts you in full screen mode
  • You will be taken home to the start of the video
  • M mutes the sound
  • Up and down arrows turn the volume up and down
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Hide people on Twitter without blocking them

Twitter's mute button is a little-known trick that is grossly underrated. You can still follow an account but hide its Tweets and retweets from your timeline. It's an easy way to get someone off your Twitter without unfollowing them and thereby offending them. You will never know when to mute them! Just click the settings menu to the right of someone's profile and then select Mute. Dead easy.

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Sign out of Facebook remotely

Privacy tips are always worth a mention, especially when it comes to Facebook considering everyone and their mom use the social network. Have you ever checked Facebook on someone else's device and then found that you forgot to sign out? Don't worry - you can still log out remotely. On your Facebook, go to the Settings drop down menu, select Security, and navigate to When You Are Signed In. From there you can view and close any open sessions.

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Use the preview to create a digital signature

If you have a digital document that you need to sign, just use the Preview app on the Mac. Instead of printing out the documentation to be signed, you can preview the Tools menu and select Annotate> Signature> Manage Signatures. A signature capture dialog box appears.

Just use the mouse to draw a signature that you can save / insert into any document.

Here is a good tutorial for more details.

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Use Spotlight Search as a calculator

With this trick, you'll never have to use a calculator again - as long as you own a Mac: Use the Command (⌘) + space to do calculations in Spotlight Search.

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Use emoji on desktops

If you thought emoji was limited to mobile devices, think again. You can also use them on the desktop.

  • For Mac: Press Ctrl + Command + Spacebar to bring up the Emoji menu.
  • For PC: The latest version of Chrome has an emoji menu. Right-click anywhere and click Emoji on the menu to access emojis.
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DIY cord / cord holder

Lego mini figs are perfectly shaped to hold your Apple Lightning cables and other cables. Just glue a lego brick on your desk, attach a mini fig, and run your strings through your hands. Yes, you can thank us later.

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Quickly redial your last caller

Do you want to call back the last number you dialed or received a call from? The quickest way to do this is to press the call button on your phone. It will call your number back.

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Never press the full stop button again

Who would have thought that you had never tapped the full stop button on a smartphone? All you have to do is hit the space bar twice to make a period and it will automatically capitalize the next letter as well. Using a custom keyboard like Swiftkey allows you to program it to do other clever things like predicting your sentence.

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Use your keyboard to scroll web pages

This trick may be familiar, but we thought it was worth it anyway: use the spacebar to scroll down on any webpage. You can even hold Shift and Spacebar at the same time to scroll up.

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Just search for word definitions on your Mac

Macs have a handy shortcut that lets you look up word definitions in a split second. To look up a definition, highlight any word, press Command + Ctrl + D, and a dialog box with the information will appear.


Spelling, grammar and definition help

If you need additional help with writing online, we recommend grammar. This tool gives you tips and suggestions on grammar, spelling, and general sentence construction whatever you do on the web. You can even double-click a word to highlight it and suggest other words to use instead. There is a Google Chrome plugin that you can use to ensure that you can easily edit text on any website you visit. And it's free!

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Your headphones also serve as a microphone

Do you need a microphone but don't want to spend money on it? Easy.

Take a pair of headphones lying around, plug them into the microphone jack, and start speaking. This isn't exactly secret knowledge, but if you don't know about it, we think it will blow your mind. Of course the quality isn't amazing, but you can't have it all.

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DIY cable protection

This is the hack we mentioned earlier to keep your Apple charging cords and other cables from fraying: take the nib from a ballpoint pen, stretch it, and wrap it around the part of the cord that is prone to bending it is straight forever and so prevents it from wearing out over the years.

Here is a good video tutorial that shows what to do.

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Quickly reopen a closed tab

If you've just accidentally closed an important tab on your browser, you can easily reopen it by pressing Command + Shift + T on a Mac or Shift + T on Windows PC. This can also be used several times. So keep pressing to open all of the tabs that you recently closed. It even works after you close your browser.

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Here you can find direct download links to music

To find a direct download link for music:

  1. Google search:
    • [Album or song name] -inurl: (htm | html | php | pls | txt) intitle: index.of "last changed" (mp3 | wma | aac | flac)
    • This will tell Google to display web pages that have direct download links to the music you are looking for.
  2. Here is an example - Google search:
    • straight from compton -inurl: (htm | html | php | pls | txt) intitle: index.of "last changed" (mkv | mp4 | avi)
    • This is what Google will show up then.
    • Click one of the links above, e.g. B. This to get direct download links for the songs in the album.

Remember that downloading copyrighted content from the internet is illegal. It may be better to just use Spotify.

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Here you can find direct download links to films

To find a direct download link to a movie:

  1. Google search:
    • [Movie name] -inurl: (htm | html | php | pls | txt) intitle: index.of "last changed" (mkv | mp4 | avi)
    • This will tell Google to display web pages that have direct download links to the movie you are looking for.
  2. Here is an example of A Clockwork Orange - Google Search:

Remember that downloading copyrighted content from the internet is illegal. It may be better to use Netflix, Prime, or other video streaming services.

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Know the best time to pee during a movie

This one is just plain funny ... download the RunPee app on your iOS, Android or Windows device and you'll have the best time to go to the bathroom while you're watching a movie so you don't get any miss amazing scene or plot change.

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Find the cheapest place to stream a movie

For those of you who are cable cutters, you will love this site: CanIStream. Find out where a movie is available to stream - and at the lowest price.

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No Internet? Play a game

If your internet connection goes down and the Google Chrome browser shows an error page, press the spacebar to start a T-Rex game. At least you won't get bored waiting to get back online. If you find your internet returning and ruining your game, no need to worry here.

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Google can help you learn

Whenever you need to study for an important college or high school exam, just google "site: edu [subject] exam" and you will get links to tons of sample exams with solutions and everything. Here is an example:

  1. Google search this exact phrase: Website: Edu Python Exam
  2. This is what Google will show up then.
  3. Click one of the links above, e.g. B. this to display a practice test.
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Convert wiki pages to books

You can render any Wikipedia page electronically in PDF, ZIM or OpenDocument format or order it as a printed book. This Wikipedia page shows you how to create a book from Wikipedia articles in four steps.