Are China and Israel friendly


Frankfurt is becoming an increasingly important business location for Israelis

Israel is just as big as Hesse, but is one of the most successful high-tech locations and startup nations with one of the best ecosystems for business start-ups worldwide. There are more than 5,000 young companies that produce technological developments as if on an assembly line. Examples of Israeli innovations are the USB stick, voice-over-IP telephony and the firewall. In order to benefit from the creative spirit in the Israeli economy, some of the global corporations such as SAP, Merck-Serono, Facebook and Google have opened research laboratories in Israel in recent years. Others regularly send innovation scouts to the Mediterranean country.

Because of the size of their own market, but also because of its geopolitical location, Israeli companies are international from the start. Important trading partners are the USA, China and Europe. As the largest European market, Germany is one of the most important export markets for the innovative country.

When Israeli companies are looking for a branch for their German or European location, many of them choose Frankfurt. The central location, the excellent transport connections, both internationally - with the airport - and nationally - with the train and the motorways, are an important decision factor. But the fact that Frankfurt is an important business location for several key industries and is known as an international, cosmopolitan and friendly city also plays a role.

There are more than 120 Israeli companies in the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Almost 500 Israelis live and work in Frankfurt. In addition, there are many people living in Frankfurt who maintain close personal relationships with Israel.

On the other hand, German products enjoy a very good reputation in Israel. Israelis associate “Made in Germany” with “high quality” that pays off. While in the first years of German-Israeli economic relations after the founding of the state of Israel there were still many people for whom German products were out of the question, this has changed in the last few decades, also because Germany is now largely perceived as a reliable partner to Israel.

Regular delegation trips to Israel and from Israel to Frankfurt are good opportunities to intensify economic exchange and establish personal contacts.

We are the trusted partner for Israeli companies both in the settlement phase and in further business developments. Are you interested in investment or network opportunities? Please contact us.

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City partnership Frankfurt - Tel Aviv-Yafo

Frankfurt and Tel Aviv-Yafo are close and long-term friends. On March 3, 1980, the city friendship started, which was then brought to a new level on March 20, 2017 as a city partnership. Many successful projects have already taken place between the municipalities, such as friendship days, concert tours, theater meetings, seminars and trade union meetings. Since 2013 there has also been a trinational exchange that brings together young people from Frankfurt, Tel Aviv and Eskişehir in Turkey. The town twinning should continue to be actively pursued in the future and create a lively exchange in business, science, sport and culture.

HIPA - Hessian Israel Partnership Accelerator

The program is aimed at Israeli and Hessian students and graduates who are interested in starting a business in the areas of fintech and cyber security. The first round started in March 2017. Participants in the three-month program can expect a boot camp and a virtual acceleration phase. You can also present your ideas at a demo day.

Cooperation between the Hessian and Israeli environment ministries

The environment ministries in Hesse and Israel have been working together intensively and successfully on the subject of "sustainable development" since the beginning of the 2000s. Among other things, the Hessian concept for municipal sustainability indicators was adapted for Israel.

German-Israeli business talk

The Frankfurt Economic Development Corporation has been organizing regular evenings for the Israeli business community with partners since 2014. The focus is on economic issues related to Israel and Germany.