Who are diamonds and rust over

Diamonds & Rust German translation
of Joan Baez

Diamonds & Rust Lyrics Translation

Tears and rust

(Text and music by Joan Baez)

I can not believe it,
Your shadow has me again.
But that's not unusual either.
It's full moon again
and you call.
And I am sitting here
with the hand on the telephone receiver,
listen to your familiar voice,
Light years away
completely crashed

I remember your eyes
even bluer than robin eggs.
My poetry was lousy, you said.
Where are you calling from?
A booth in the midwest
It's been 10 years
I gave you cufflinks
You bought me something.
We know what comes when you reminisce
They bring tears and rust

You burst into my life
already a legend
the unwashed phenomenon,
the real vagabond.
And you fell into my arms
and there you were
briefly a shipwrecked man.
You could have the madonna
yes, the birth of Venus
would not desecrate you.

Now I can see you again
under the falling autumn leaves
and snow in your hair.
You are smiling at the window
this lousy hotel
over Washington Square.
Our breath mixed in white clouds and hung in the air.
I thought to myself that I could have died there with you.

And now you tell me
You are not nostalgic.
Then tell me what you call it
You who deal so well with words
and yet always remain daring.
I need some ambiguity now.

Everything becomes too clear to me again
yes, I love you dearly
And you just give me tears and rust

I'm through with that.

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