How are the people in Great Britain

Food in the UK

What typical UK dish do you think of?
It's not that easy, is it? Because the food from Great Britain is not as well known as, for example, the food from Italy.

British cuisine has been shaped by many different influences: everyone who came to life in the UK also changed the way they eat in the UK.


English breakfast

A traditional full English breakfast is a hot dish and consists of fried bacon (bacon), a fried egg (fried egg), small sausages (sausages) and beans in tomato sauce (baked beans).

Such a breakfast is not on the table every day. Toast with butter and orange jam is also typical (marmalade). Many Brits also eat cornflakes in the morning (cornflakes), Cereal (cereal) or porridge (porridge) and drink black tea (tea) with milk or a glass of orange juice (orange juice).


marmalade: Orange jam
jam: Jam made from other fruits

It's lunch time!

Pizza, hamburgers or pasta (pasta) are also on the menu for British children for lunch. However, this food is not typical for Great Britain, but has only established itself in the last few decades, as in Germany. In general, lunch is smaller than dinner. Many Brits usually only eat a sandwich, a soup, for lunch (soup) or a salad (salad).

A typical snack in the UK that you can get on hand is baked fish and french fries (Fish and chips).


Fish and chips:
Baked fish with french fries

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Tea time

In the UK, it's traditionally very popular to have tea at five in the afternoon. The British like to drink black tea with milk.
Small sandwiches and cakes are popular with tea (cake) or eaten pastries. Scones or fruit bread (fruit bread) are particularly popular.


Roll-like pastry that likes to be warm with a kind of thick cream (clotted cream) and jam is eaten.


Dinner is traditionally the main meal of the day. Many Britons eat warm in the evening. A traditional dish is, for example, the roast (roast)that along with baked potatoes (baked potatoes) and two kinds of vegetables (vegetables) is eaten.