Who's the worst warrior cat

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Author Erin Hunter is breaking new ground in the fantasy genre with the multi-volume book series "Warrior Cats". Where once dwarfs, wizards, elves, orcs and dragons took over the main role of the plot, little house tigers now have great adventures that savor each of their nine cat lives to the last second. No wonder then that all six volumes stormed the "New York Times" bestseller list when they were first published - a great success that was repeated in Germany in 2008. At that time, the first season appeared in quick succession, bringing the house cat Sammy aka Firepaw, a great hero with heart and courage, to life and taking the reader into the world of the four cat clans. But let's start from the beginning.

A velvet paw discovers its wild side

Sammy lives a carefree existence with the two-legged friends: his food bowl is always well filled and a warm spot by the stove is always free for him. And yet the born house cat suspects that another life is waiting for him behind the door. All he has to do is shake off his laziness and leave his sheltered home for an unknown future. As soon as the plan is made, Sammy uses the first opportunity to escape and meets a warrior cat of the DonnerClan on the edge of the forest. An undreamt-of opportunity opens up for the young adventurer: Since the community of wild cats living in freedom urgently needs new warriors, Sammy is given a test, which he faces with all his courage. The reward follows immediately: His baptism in "paw of fire" means hope for the DonnerClan, because a prophecy says that "only fire" can save the community.

In the course of the following battles, Firepaw earned the reputation of a courageous warrior who, under his new name "Fireheart", caused fear and terror among the opposing clans. Future generations of warriors will experience how vital cohesion and trust are in a community. If these are missing, the survival of the DonnerClan can hardly be guaranteed. The greater the danger when Gray Stripe, Fireheart's best friend, gets involved with the enemy. He falls in love with Silver River, a female of the River Clan. Their love conjures up a war that demands great sacrifices - unless Fireheart can still prevent the worst. So the brave warrior has to prove himself again, who once again risks his life for his friends and loved ones.

Even if Fireheart slowly works his way up the hierarchy of the DonnerClan in the course of the constant arguments, he is met with distrust from some (suffering) comrades who do not trust the former house cat to play the role of second leader of the DonnerClan. But the more time goes on, the more Fireheart proves himself in the most difficult task of his life, which is heading towards a single goal: the prophecy that was once spoken by the StarClan - namely that Fireheart will save the ThunderClan.

34 hours can be extremely entertaining

The "Warrior Cats" audiobook box is not a pastime that I can indulge in while doing other activities. For that, Erin Hunter's story about the hero Fireheart is written far too exciting for one to want to miss a minute of this fantasy adventure while listening to it. You feel like a part of the DonnerClan and fight in your mind against the hostile cat clans, whose only goal is Fireheart's death. And yet the story is not lacking in heart, so that it grabs you to the core and leads you through the most diverse emotional worlds. The playing time of 34 hours turns out to be the most entertaining listening minutes that one could wish for.

The fact that outsiders immerse themselves in the world of velvet paws is primarily thanks to the speakers Ulrike Krumbiegel and Marlen Diekhoff. Sometimes with a velvety soft, sometimes with a wild and smoky voice, they tell of the events that make Sammy the bravest warrior of all time, whom one welcomes with joy in his heart. The "Warrior Cats" audio book box turns into an exciting adventure that captivates with imagination and emotion and lets the recipient look at his playful domestic tiger with completely different eyes.

Susann Fleischer