What is bothering you right now

This is how you let go of things that are bothering you

It starts in the head

It doesn't take much to lay the foundation for a happier, more relaxed life. A life of serenity in which you manage to say “stop” when it gets too much and say “no” when something goes against the grain. And yes! - it is possible and much easier than you might think. All it takes is the conscious decision to stop being magnetically attracted by negative things.

It is also good to know that our brain has a tendency to concentrate happily and preferentially on negative things. This has to do with the fact that we tend to store personal disasters and failures in detail, which is the evolutionary function of being able to react to dangers more quickly. On the other hand, we leave little space in our memory to beautiful events, touching moments and refreshing encounters. Instead of enjoying the positive, we skip it or forget it; Instead, we repeat the negative and usually exaggerate it many times over in our memories.

This tendency is referred to in psychology as the so-called catastrophic brain. That is why we often consider it normal that relationships are exhausting, work is difficult or everyday life is overwhelming.

But there is another way - provided we let go of this habit and open ourselves to the positive in life. So if you consciously make the decision to open yourself more to the good in your life and learn to focus on your strengths, you will gradually realize that life is much more colorful, more beautiful and more relaxed than when you are Holding on to dramas and problems.

That's how it's done!