What are brass knuckles used for?

Is the possession of a brass knuckles legal in Germany according to the Weapons Act?

Brass knuckles: What the legal situation looks like

Violent acts are repeatedly reported in the media. Often not only the fists come, but others too weaponsmostly in Germany banned are used. The fear of falling victim to violent assault increases for many people.

When looking for a means of self-defense, many sufferers come across the so-called Brass knuckles. Is the Is it even allowed to own such a weapon in Germany? The following guide gets to the bottom of this question.

You will also find out how high the punishment fails if you have one Brass knuckles illegally own or own this useto cause harm to other people.

FAQ: brass knuckles

Can I have a brass knuckle?

Both the possession and the use of brass knuckles are prohibited in Germany.

Is a brass knuckles a weapon?

Yes. According to the Weapons Act, the brass knuckles are a weapon that can cause considerable damage.

What is the penalty if I use a brass knuckles?

If you injure another person with a brass knuckle, this is dangerous bodily harm. This is sanctioned with a prison sentence of six months to ten years.

Brass knuckles: weapon by definition?

The brass knuckles are one Percussion weapon, which in Close combat can be used. It consists of one Handlethrough which the Fingers of the fist are stuck can. There are also models with Spines or blades fitted are. These are then the so-called "Cutting weapons" assign.

In any case, a brass knuckles will be used used to reinforce the fistso that the damage from a punch increases significantly. Materials such as Metal, plexiglass or horn used.

Important: A brass knuckles pose a great danger. Through the increased clout can serious injuries arise when someone beats their victim with this weapon.

Is the use of brass knuckles prohibited in Germany?

But is possession or use of brass knuckles now permitted? To answer that question is a look into that Weapons Act (WaffG) necessary. ยง 2 paragraph 3 Are defined:

The handling of weapons or ammunition mentioned in Annex 2 Section 1 of this Act is prohibited.

Appendix 2, Section 1, No. 1.3.2 WaffG clearly indicates that Brass knuckles are prohibited weapons. Thus, possession and use of them are illegal in Germany.

Important: Also the Buying brass knuckles is prohibited by law. It is therefore also illegal to acquire it, for example to display it in a showcase or to use it in another function.

Brass knuckles used: what punishment is there?

Is a Brass knuckles in your possession, threatens one punishment, if the police You with it Caught. It is not just a mere administrative offense, but one Offense. If intent can be proven to you, is one Imprisonment of up to five years possible. Less severe cases come with a Fine sanctioned.

If a brass knuckles are used to injure another person, this constitutes the offense of dangerous bodily harm because a brass knuckles represent a weapon. In this case there is no longer any possibility of a fine.

Section 224 (1) of the Criminal Code (StGB) sees in the event of dangerous physical injury by a brass knuckle or other weapon, a Imprisonment from six months to ten years in front. In less serious cases, a prison sentence of three months to five years is provided.

Curious: Keep your eyes open when buying a mug! In Berlin there was a man in the dock, what one Cup owned whose Handle looked like a brass knuckles. Police officers mistakenly believed this ceramic work of art to be a real brass knuckles when a house was searched. The moral of the story: You don't joke with guns!
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Is the possession of a brass knuckles legal in Germany according to the Weapons Act?
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