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The HTML banner differs from normal graphic advertising banners only in one thing: It contains all components individually and has formattable text - similar to a website. A HTML banner consists of the normal banner background graphic and the advertising message is placed over it using HTML.

Thanks to the possibility of manipulation with Javascript or the retrieval of databases, the advertising message can always be adapted to the respective requirements, which is particularly interesting for prices or products.

In recent years, the HTML5 format has become increasingly popular and has almost completely replaced the classic HTML banner. HTML5 is made up of the latest HTML version (version 5) and "Rich Web Content". HTML5 offers some special features such as forms, the integration of video and audio content and many other new elements. By integrating JavaScript APIs, a large number of other functions such as sliders or geographical localization can be integrated in the advertising banner. This enables complex animations that were previously only possible with Flash.

The future of advertising banners: HTML5 banners

The HTML5 banner is not only characterized by its native support on a wide variety of end devices, but also by better animations, lower resource consumption on the end device and high flexibility in terms of dimensioning, so that every banner format is possible. For example, the HTML5 banner for an appealing slideshow of products or generates attention through images and animations that are transmitted in a resource-saving manner and yet are not displayed pixelated on screens with a high resolution. Banner design with HTML5 enables interaction with the potential customer without having to leave the website on which your banner is displayed. This can already be done in a relatively mundane way by coloring a button as soon as the viewer moves the mouse pointer over it. In addition, forms can also be integrated so that HTML5 banner-wide goes beyond classic outdoor advertising and also makes a static banner or animated GIFs look old.

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