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5 Useful Pages for Journal Writing Ideas and Techniques


Magazine writing has a long history of not only helping writers improve their writing skills, but writing thoughts, worries, and challenges can also be helpful.

We have written about several online and computer software for maintaining a journal or diary, but if you're stuck for ideas or questions about the purpose of journaling, several online sites run by experienced journalists can help.


Although the Easy Journaling blog site has inexpensive ebook and audiobook materials for sale, Sam the site developer also has a plethora of free materials to get you started with e-journal writing.

In its section "Where do I start?" Find answers to questions about motivating you to write, flagging up e-journal entries, and improving your journal entries.

The site is also where you can find the top iPhone and Android journal apps, including My Secret Diary, Day One, and Memories: the Diary.

Sam is a lifelong journalist who thinks history recording is a useful tool for busy professionals, parents and children, and students. His article on 37 Reasons to Use Penzu Pro is also useful to check out.

Writing through life

Writing in life is more about traditional magazine writing - magazine writing than some kind of memoir and storytelling. The website developer, Amber Lea Starfire, provides one-on-one support and editing.

They also produce a free weekly e-zine of journaling topics, writing prompts, tips for renewing or starting regular writing practice, and they suggest ways to mine your diary for writing your life stories. Your weekly prompts to explore different aspects of your life through writing are a good place to start your website.

Art journaling

You may or may not know it, but journaling isn't limited to pen and paper or a digital text editor. You can also express your thoughts and experiences through art. If you've never seen or done art journaling, one website you want to start off with is Artists Journals.

This website provides some examples, how-tos, and recommended resources for creating and maintaining an illustrated journal or diary.

1000 journals project

While it's not a tips and journal announcement page, you definitely owe it to yourself to check out the 1000 Journals Project, which features photo ops of journals of all kinds of content, from family and friends to politics and world affairs.

The project page is based on a physical display of personal magazines and journals created in classrooms and adult education centers.

A similar page called 1001 Journals is set up so that you can share your journal in three different ways: by mailing it to a list of people who log in, by putting your journal in a public place, like a coffee shop or one Book store, let someone else keep it, or you can scan your diary and post it on the website.


For instant magazine writing inspiration, check out Mari L. McCarthy's Create Write Now website, which features 150+ journal announcements, along with other tips and articles.

McCarthy is a therapy specialist and coach who has published several e-books on the subject of therapeutic writing. Her website also contains a collection of personal diary stories from readers of her website, in both written and video form.

There are several other useful journaling websites out there. Let us know who you visit a lot for inspiration.

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