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Headset does not work - How to solve the problem


Would you like to listen to music or hear the sound of computer games, but your headset does not work? This could be due to a problem with the hardware or incorrect sound settings. Make sure your headset is activated on your computer and set as the default output device.

Hardware problems can be the cause of a non-working headset

If you have problems with the functionality of the headset, you should always first check whether it is properly plugged in. Also test whether the headset works on another computer. In this way you can rule out the possibility of a technical defect in the headset itself. Reinstalling or updating the drivers can also help solve problems with the headset.

Headset does not work: Check the sound settings

Sometimes incorrect settings can also prevent you from hearing sound through your headset. Then it can help to check the sound settings in the control panel.
  1. To do this, first open the control panel and go to "Sound". Here you should first check that your headset is activated. If several devices are listed, select your headset and click to set it as the default device. Confirm your changes with "OK".
  2. Also check the volume settings. Right-click your headset and navigate to Properties> Levels. Here you can increase the volume by moving the slider.
  3. If your headset is not listed in the list of devices, you can right-click to display all deactivated devices and activate your headset.
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