Why is vanity unattractive

Totally unsexy: Most people find these 10 qualities unattractive!

For a study, ElitePartner asked 3,700 participants which properties they would describe as unattractive. And there came up some surprising answers.

These are the 10 most unpopular relationship partners:

Constant speaker

Do you speak without a period or comma? Better not. Because when someone talks without breathing and hardly lets the other person speak, it is usually not very attractive. At least that's what 14 percent of those surveyed say.


"You still owe me 80 cents" or "We pay separately" when it comes to a dirty coffee - those who are stingy and only know the word generosity from the Duden dictionary rarely make themselves popular. And it is really a bad thing to turn every penny. 66 percent of the respondents agree. And if he doesn't pay on the first date or doesn't tip the waiter a cent, then he shouldn't be surprised if there isn't a second date.


If someone has to assert his thick head and is not prepared to compromise, then that is not very sexy either. For example, 28 percent of the study participants said that it does not go down well with them if the partner is too dominant and assertive.


A full 75 percent of those surveyed are annoyed when their counterpart is extremely vain and self-indulgent. Self-confidence or not: Those who prefer to look after themselves and feel superior to everyone externally and mentally, at least score little with their counterpart.

Henpecked heroes

If he or she says yes and amen to everything and totally submits, then that doesn't go down well either. Forty-six percent of the participants in the study did not find the henpecked hero very sexy.


17 percent of all participants (both male and female) find it unattractive when their partner is a completely reserved, blank slate. The dream partner should already have a bit of experience in bed in order to be attractive.

Bed rabbits

But the opposite is also criticized. If he or she has a wealth of experience in sex, then again, it's no good. Say at least ten percent. Which brings us back to the old crux: That not a few men want a virgin woman with the qualities of a professional. Not possible, dear men. Either ... or.


Actually, the saying "Spirit is cool" should apply. But the respondents apparently see it differently. A surprising eleven percent of those questioned tend to shy away from dealing with a totally educated superbrain. Maybe because then you feel less smart yourself? Who knows. But if the majority has its way, the attractive counterpart should not be quite so educated.


This species is also not very popular: the eternal class clowns, the pranksters who always have to entertain the whole table and dislocate ten legs for a gag. Even those who are very temperamental and extroverted are seen as unattractive by 17 percent of those surveyed.


And that is also surprising: while we like to gawk after handsome men and women until their jaws stop, 19 percent of all respondents think that it is not too good when the partner looks extremely good. Because those who are particularly beautiful often unsettle those around them. The result: a good appearance requires a good dose of self-confidence from the other person. So if you don't want to feel small and insecure all the time, you don't even look for super beauty.

If you are now totally insecure because you are smart, good-looking and funny, let me tell you: This is all just a survey. Whoever flies at you will already know what they find attractive about you. Everything will be fine.

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