How are Michael's promotional coupons distributed?

Is there a turquoise cultural voucher following the red gastro voucher?

The city's first gastro vouchers have been distributed, and now the Viennese ÖVP is bringing a voucher for cultural establishments into play. It is part of a package of demands that the Turks have in mind - shortly before the election.

The first households have already found it in a simple envelope in their mailbox: the gastro voucher for the city of Vienna. Depending on the size of the household, 25 or 50 euros can be redeemed for food and non-alcoholic drinks by the end of September.

Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) and Chamber of Commerce President Walter Ruck officially presented the voucher in the Gasthaus Wieden Bräu on Tuesday afternoon. You can use this in around 2000 restaurants that have already registered for the campaign, it said.
In order to stimulate the economy, however, one must take further measures, the Vienna ÖVP is now demanding of the red-green city government a few months before the Vienna election. The Turquoise invited to the party headquarters on Tuesday to present the results of their club retreat - including fever fairs for the participants.

50 euros for cultural activities

Pop-up measures and vouchers are not enough, according to the non-executive city councilor Markus Wölbitsch. The federal government had enforced a 50 billion euro package for emergency aid, and Vienna itself must now bring further economic measures on the rails.
With club boss Elisabeth Olischar, Wölbitsch presented a “relief and investment package” in ten points. The People's Party also has a culture voucher based on the example of the gastro voucher. With this, Viennese households would receive a credit of 50 euros, which could be redeemed at the city's cultural establishments. For example in theaters, cinemas or with music organizers, as Olischar explained.

This action would cost around 95 million euros, according to the ÖVP. With the idea, which was born in the eighth district, one wants to "offer momentum and incentives" again in the cultural scene, said Olischar.
The other suggestions of the Turquoise were mainly related to fees and charges: On Tuesday they demanded that the local tax for the hotel industry should be suspended until the end of 2021 in order to strengthen urban tourism. It was calculated that this would save companies 30 million euros.

70 million euros in relief would also bring a cancellation of the Viennese employer tax without replacement, so Wölbitsch. He also wants to abolish the already repeatedly criticized valorization law, which regulates fees for garbage collection, for example.
Furthermore, the pub tariffs should be refunded for this year, demands Wölbitsch. A voucher for the restaurateurs is not sufficient if they still have to pay for an "unoccupied pub". He also presented the idea that vacant business premises in properties owned by Wiener Wohnen could be rented out to start-ups, for example.

Budget criticism despite zero deficit

According to the ÖVP, one must invest in the expansion of photovoltaics and broadband, as well as the greening of buildings. Renovations to the Kennedy Bridge and Schwedenplatz were also an issue.

Incidentally, the ÖVP does not want to approve the accounts, which will be discussed in the local council next week, said Wölbitsch. Although there is a balanced budget this year, this does not change anything about the turquoise criticism of the “mountain of debt”.