Can Batman defeat Goku If so, how

Goku vs Superman - Who Will Survive The Fight?

When Superman and Son Goku compete against each other, then everyone else can pack up. Here you can see the ultimate fight between these two greats and who of them is still alive in the end.

Forget Godzilla vs Gamora and Luigi vs Tail, because this fight is hard to beat. This time the colleagues from ScrewAttack! the alien heroes Superman and Son Goku compete against each other and here you can see the latest DEATH BATTLE! Would you have imagined a fight between these two pop culture greats like this? Let us know in the comments.

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Son Goku became famous for the Dragon Ball manga by artist Akira Toriyama. Not only is it the second best-selling manga of all time, an incredible number of TV series, movies, TV films and video games expand the story of Son Goku. We know him, for example, from the anime series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and the new real-life adaptation Dragon Ball Evolution, which some wish they had never seen. For gamers among you, Son Goku has certainly found a place in one of the many Dragon Ball games.

And Superman? Nor does this gentleman need any explanation. The steel man was last seen in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel in the form of Henry Cavill on the big screen and is currently busy tinkering with the DC blockbuster crossover Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which Cavill and Ben Affleck may beat in bat costume. Superman was created in the 30s by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and, like Son Goku, appeared in countless films, games and series such as Superman - The Adventures of Lois & Clark and Superman.

After the first half of Goku VS Superman explains you in detail about all aspects of the abilities of these two heroes, how much destructive power they have and what peculiarities they distinguish, we move into the fight and how it ends, you can see in the Death Battle. Have fun!