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Dress code when golfing

The right choice of clothing has been an important aspect since the origins of golf, which is why there is a golf dress code. Finding the right dress code is not difficult. However, there are standards that must be observed in order to behave in a fashionably correct manner on the golf course. With our checklist, you will definitely be properly dressed for your next golf excursion. Clothing, however, is only one aspect of golf etiquette.

Golf dress code: Checklist of what you have to have with you when golfing

For years there has been a uniform standard on international golf courses Collar compulsory. Therefore only should Polo shirts or collared shirts be grasped. Long trousers are welcome, but also shorter ones Shorts to the knee are fine. The shirt is always worn in the pants. Baseball caps or hats may only be worn with the peak forward, otherwise this would not correspond to the venerable tradition. Shoes with soft spikes or knobs are required. In addition, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the shoes. There are often cleaning machines in the clubhouses to clean the shoes. When wearing short shorts, socks must be pulled below the knees and must be of a neutral color. Therefore you should avoid brightly colored, bright colors.

Golf dress code: What is allowed but frowned upon

Of course there are also items of clothing, colors and patterns that are not welcome on the golf course or are even prohibited. So for example are Skull pattern Prohibited on golf clothes. Also the grip on the popular Blue jeans, as well as jogging and training clothes were an absolute no-go and were strictly forbidden on golf courses years ago. Well-known golf courses have now relaxed the ban on jeans. In 2014, the renowned US golf club Detroit, which was founded in 1899, changed the jeans rule. But not all jeans are the same! Also the Detroit Golf Club makes a few gradations and restrictions that would be there: 'Jeans must not be torn or torn and the jeans look must be appropriate.' And even with proper jeans, jeans wearers are not allowed to use them in the ballroom or a meeting room in the golf club. To the article about Jeans on the golf course!

In addition, sneakers and sandals are not permitted when golfing. If you have shoes with spikes, you can only play with soft spikes. Metal spikes are no longer allowed as they destroy the green! Also to short shorts or hot pants are frowned upon and not welcomed. Playing in short sneaker socks or barefoot is also not desirable. Women should also pay attention to a not too large neckline and avoid backless tops. This is also not welcomed on golf courses. In contrast to the Vatican, which you are not allowed to enter with a strapless top, it is now allowed to play golf.

Golf dress code abroad

The dress rules differ depending on the golf course and the prescribed brands are not stipulated in the dress code. However, attention must be paid to the mentioned aspects in order to appear on the golf course with the correct dress code and to adapt to the correct fashion. Some golf courses have their dress code posted in the form of a graphic in the respective changing room. There are often more information about the golf dress code on the notice board!

Many golf clubs that highlight the dress code in particular have British roots or a strong connection to it. Such regulations also apply in countries or continents such as Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and of course that British Isles. As a guest, however, you should respect these sometimes stiff-sounding specifications. Time-honored clubs like the one over 100 years old Stellenbosch Golf Club between Somerset West and Paarl go one step further. As an addition to the accepted clothing, the note that only known golf labels may be worn applies. But then even those criticized as being dubious at times Mock shirts à la Tiger Woods. We have summarized what you wear on South African golf courses in one article!