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"We cannot foresee exactly what happened there yet"

China expert Sandschneider on the arrest of the regime critic Ai Weiwei

Eberhard Sandschneider in conversation with Gabi Wuttke

The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (picture alliance / dpa)

Eberhard Sandschneider from the German Society for Foreign Policy considers it likely that the regime critic Ai Weiwei was aware of the limits in dealing with the Chinese regime. The leadership in Beijing is now reacting in "very old-fashioned power-political patterns".

Read an excerpt from the conversation here.

Gabi Wuttke: Did Ai Weiwei risk too much?

Eberhard Sandschneider: One will almost have to accept that. In this situation of interplay between Chinese intellectuals, dissidents, artists and the Chinese government, one realizes again and again that in China one already knows very well where the borders are, which one must not cross in order not to really come into conflict with the regime get.

A man like Ai Weiwei certainly knows these limits, he's been far too long and far too intense, if we will, in this business. We cannot yet foresee exactly what happened there, but unfortunately the Chinese leadership is reacting at this point in the very old-fashioned power-political patterns.


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