What is meant by command


binding order of a superior, order
give, issue, issue an order
receive, receive, obtain, accept, obey, fulfill, execute, refuse an order
an express, unambiguous, irrevocable, secret, official, written order has been given and is sent to all
they were ordered to defend the city
a command to cease fire
violate an order
to do something on (highest) command
this is done on my command
An order is an order (= contrary to other beliefs one must obey)
Information and telecommunications technology Instruction to a computer to carry out a specific operation DWDS
Exchange traders type commands into their computers, and perhaps an economist is sitting somewhere working on a new theory. [Die Zeit, 02.25.2013, No. 08]
There is a command on the computer called: "Create new empty document". If you select it, you get a white page. [Süddeutsche Zeitung, 09/29/2003]
A shell is a program that either executes the commands entered or passes them on for execution. [C’t, 2001, No. 22]
Violence, giving orders, command
have the command, lead, take over
the captain is in command of the ship
to act under the command of a general, to do something
he has 100 men under his command

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to command vb Ordnen order, command ’. Ahd.bifel (a) han 'entrust, bury, recommend' (8th century), mhd.bevelhen 'entrust, hand over', asächs.bifelhan, mnd.bevēlen, afries.bifela, aengl.befēolan 'entrust, conceal' are prefix formations to a German simplex, which in ahd.fel (a) han 'prepare, sow, entrust' (8th / 9th century), aengl.fēolan 'penetrate', anord.fela 'hide', got. filhan 'buried, conceal' (Germ. * felhan) and is also preserved in nhd. ↗ Recommend (sd). Further origin uncertain. Exceptionally. there are no reliable relatives. A comparison with Greek pélas (πέλας) ‘skin, fur’, apreuß.pelkis ‘coat’, which would explain the German forms as k-extensions of the root ie. * Pel- cover, veil ’, is not very likely. It is to be assumed that the meaning of penetrate ’and hide, bury, entrust the earth’, and entrust ’in the general sense is further developed; about to entrust an office, to entrust an order, to give ’the verb becomes synonymous with‘ to command ’. Only in religious language (something to command God) is the old meaning ‘entrust’ preserved to this day. Derived from the verb, command m. 'Order, bid', late mhd.bevelch, bevel 'handing over, care', early hand. also befehlich, commanding m., of which commanding vb. (16th century).


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You just give the stick the command to fetch it yourself from the web.
Die Zeit, July 25, 2013, No. 31
Tonight we were supposed to leave, we had everything packed up like a field march, when the order came that we would not leave until tomorrow.
Letter from Alois Scheuer to Friedchen Scheuer dated June 17, 1940, Feldpost-Archiv mkb-fp-0079
And this morning you received the order to march against the enemy.
Letter from Irene G. to Ernst G. dated June 5, 1940, Feldpost-Archiv mkb-fp-0270
This alignment has nothing to do with research on command.
Archive of the Present, 2001 [1937]
I only said, since the man hesitated to obey my orders, I officially order you to follow me.
Friedländer, Hugo: A bloody act in Essen before the naval court martial. In: ders., Interesting criminal processes, Berlin: Directmedia Publ. 2001 [1910], p. 895

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