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Opposites of reluctant
Opposites of reluctant

Dictionary of Opposites (antonyms dictionary)

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Antonym definition

"An antonym is a word whose meaning is opposite to that of any other word.

Use of opposites (opposites or antonyms)

Opposites and synonyms are used to:

  • To define a word. That is why they can also be found in dictionary articles.
  • To avoid repetition in the text.
  • To enrich a text.

Examples of opposites

"The word fearful can be seen as the opposite of brave. Acknowledge and deny are opposite words. Man-haters can be seen as the opposite of women-haters. Freedom has the opposite captivity. Modesty and presumptuousness are opposite words. Late and early are two opposites that can be found in this dictionary of online opposites. "

Using an antonym dictionary (dictionary of opposites)

The antonym dictionary makes it possible to find terms that are better adapted to the context than those used spontaneously. The dictionary of opposites is an alternative to the dictionary of synonyms. It also makes it possible, by searching for the opposite of a word, to find more suitable terms to restore a characteristic, purpose, function, etc., of the thing, essence and act in question. Finally, the opposite dictionary makes it possible to avoid repetition of words in the same text in order to improve the writing style.