What is HCL Onsite Salary in the US

HCL Technologies

Absolutely not - only if there is no alternative

Executive / ManagementWas working at HCL Technologies in Germany at the time of the assessment.

I think it's good about the employer

that the salary arrives on time

I think it's bad about the employer

see above and that he doesn't care at all - appreciation = 0

Suggestions for improvement

Use and trust German management. Landed resources and managers should try to embrace the local culture (and learn the language as well). Accept German law (for staff / customer) and put the box system here

Working atmosphere

bad and above all very dishonest. If you are successful, you praise yourself upwards and if you fail or take a "risk", the "Germans" are put forward in this company and you "don't know anything" yourself. A huge problem is that the Indian colleagues - including "landed resources" - do not want to deal with European / German culture at any time. That always leads to very big disagreements with customers and employees. And the caste system is unfortunately always noticeable: with employees (subordinates and especially with women).


Well, unfortunately not as good as initially thought and certainly a reason for the lack of "integration & customs" of European customers. Of course, if you can't find anything better on the market (as an employee) and need something very affordable (as a customer), HCL is in good hands.

Work-life balance

O; Weekend work and 24/7 availability are required.

Career / further education

I don't see / only in the caste system and then you have to get into it (Deichkind text must be implemented.

Salary / social benefits

After the successful takeover, you first get a worse, significantly worse offer (less salary, vacation, no company car, no home office). .... What can I say...

Environmental / social awareness

no - see other points

Cohesion of colleagues

Those who come from a takeover stick together until the end. Especially when everyone realizes that the Indian management is trying to create discord in the old workforce. The word team is more likely to apply to "great, someone else does it". J

Dealing with older colleagues

Much appreciated and lived among Indians; not recognizable to others

Managerial behavior

I have not met an accurate, sincere, and fair manager at HCL. Neither with colleagues and employees, nor with customers. The goal of the superiors is: quick turnover and this at any price!

working conditions

if you work in "your own" team, that's good !. As soon as management comes into play or colleagues from the HCL from other countries, it's really bad. "Zero problem, you get it tomorrow, I'll take care of it, I'll do it ..." is more of a running gag. The opposite is 90% the case


In Germany you are usually not informed about interesting news etc. by your supervisor. There is a very large intranet, but the topics are designed more for India or the USA. Interesting meetings also tend to take place in the Indian time zone

equal rights

HCL brought the caste system to Germany too!

Interesting tasks