Are chalk markers permanent

Is a chalk pen waterproof?

Chalk pens are used for efficient direct writing on shop windows, blackboards, showcases, mirrors as well as foils, cardboard boxes and smooth surfaces. The markers are available in both water-soluble and waterproof versions. The practical chalk markers can be used to create representative advertising spaces and they can also be used excellently for presentations, seminars or conferences.

Colorful assortment

The pens are versatile and promise a long service life. The pens are available in numerous shades and are suitable for commercial as well as private use. Chalk pens are the most important utensil when it comes to writing on glass advertising spaces, shop windows, glass boards or menu boards in restaurants. As a waterproof variant, they can withstand wind and weather and are particularly suitable for use in the open air or outdoors.

From chalk to modern marker

Since then the classic slate made of other materialsAs glass and plastic were being displaced more and more, a suitable writing device was required to write on modern surfaces. In the course of time, the conventional chalk has been further developed into practical chalk markers. The market offers a wide range of different chalk pens, including waterproof designs.

Thanks to modern technologies, waterproof Pen Pirates are available in various designs and colors and serve as an efficient alternative to conventional chalk.

Who are waterproof chalk pens for?

Waterproof pens are suitable for commercial usesuch as the catering or car trade (price marking on the windshield) or institutions. But also in the private sector, the modern chalk pens offer numerousreal advantages and can be used for decorative purposes or for handicrafts, for example. The markers are indispensable at meetings or conferences where glass boards are used, and waterproof ones are also the first choice when it comes to labeling billboards outdoors.

5 good reasons for waterproof chalk markers

The pens are very easy to use and as a waterproof variant promise a very long shelf life on foils, shop windows, menu boards or showcases. The practical chalk markers are available in numerous formats, colors and sizes and can therefore write very finely and filigree or thickly.

The waterproof chalk pen is a particularly practical tool that delivers what it promises, especially for writing on surfaces outdoors.