What is the best smelling plant

Plants for gardens and homes that smell good

By Lena Hackauf | March 14, 2021, 1:48 p.m.

It's not just the look that makes a beautiful garden. The lovely smells of the plants and flowers also transform it into an oasis of wellbeing. From typically flowery to chocolaty - these 15 plants create a lovely scent in the garden and home.

Whether in the garden, on the balcony or in the apartment - plants distribute their natural scent in their surroundings. On the one hand, there are varieties that smell rather unpleasant, such as the sweaty-smelling clary sage. On the other hand, there are also plants that simply smell heavenly good. A great side effect of the fragrant flowers: Not only people are attracted by them. The fine smell also attracts bees and bumblebees into the garden.

15 plants that smell good


Many people quickly think of lavender as a fragrant flower. The fresh and clean-looking smell of the plant has a calming effect. It bears its purple flowers from May to August. Lavender looks particularly pretty as a border. But he also feels good in the bucket.

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Scented rose

The scent of the rose sits in the petals. However, many modern rose varieties do not have a particularly strong smell. The classic scented roses include wild rose, hybrid tea, old rose or English rose varieties. Tip: The sunnier and sheltered a rose is, the more intense its scent.


A classic among the fragrant plants is jasmine. It has a sweet smell that has a relaxing effect. The jasmine bears its flowers from July to October. It loves the sun and is also suitable for the balcony.


It combines the sweet aroma of jasmine with the elegant appearance of a rose, which is why the gardenia is also called jasmine rose. This poisonous plant is one of the more demanding flowers. She prefers a bright place all year round, but does not like to be in direct sunlight.

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Herbs also smell good. An editorial favorite is rosemary. The well-known culinary herb has a tangy, tangy smell. Rosemary has various positive effects on the human body, for example it helps with digestive problems or joint pain. In addition, the scent should have a positive effect on concentration. The Mediterranean herb needs a water-permeable and lime-rich soil and thrives equally well in beds and pots.


The camellia has a rose-like aroma. If it is in a bright place in winter at around ten to fifteen degrees Celsius, the camellia will already have its flowers in January.

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Peppermint has a unique aroma, which makes it one of the plants that smell good. It bears its flowers from July to September. However, the typical fragrance is created by the menthol in the leaves. Whether in the garden or in the pot, mint loves sandy, lime-rich and humus-rich soils. By the way: In the bed, it does not get along with chamomile, as both plants hinder the growth of the other.

Scented snowball

The scented viburnum is particularly beautiful in autumn, when it has red leaves and lots of white flowers. Its sweet scent can be smelled from several meters away. If you want to plant the scented snowball in the garden, you should pay attention to a sunny and sheltered location.

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Depending on the variety, the scent of the lilac varies from sweet to fresh to slightly spicy. It bears its flowers between April and May. Lilac grows best in loose, well-drained soil because its roots grow deep. If you want to bring the lovely lilac scent into your home, you can cut off a flower and place it in a vase with water.


A classic among the types of ice cream, but also in the bed, Waldmeister ensures its typically sweet and spicy smell. It often grows in the forest under deciduous trees, since woodruff cannot tolerate direct sunlight.

Vanilla flower

Another plant that smells good is the vanilla flower. Its name already reveals what it smells like. It spreads its sweet vanilla scent in summer when it bears its small flowers. The vanilla flower should be watered regularly. It goes well with petunias or pelargoniums in beds or buckets.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is a classic among medicinal and culinary herbs. The herb smells and tastes pleasantly of a citrus fruit. Lemon balm calms the stomach and helps with nervousness. Although it is a small and rather inconspicuous herb, lemon balm takes up a lot of space.

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Gingerbread tree

The gingerbread tree is also called the Japanese cake tree. It is known for its smell, as it smells like cinnamon and caramel. The gingerbread tree prefers sunny places in partial shade. Tip: The higher the acid content in the soil, the stronger the leaf color in summer.


Eucalyptus is an evergreen plant. Its fresh scent has a relaxing effect. Most varieties are not hardy. But the eucalyptus has an unbeatable side effect. Mosquitoes and flies do not like the scent of the plant and avoid them.

Chocolate cosmos

The chocolate cosmos is also one of the plants that smell extremely good. It has a unique aroma that is reminiscent of dark chocolate. But their dark purple to dark red flowers are also reminiscent of chocolate. It originally comes from Mexico, so it loves a sunny spot in the garden or in a pot.

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