Why is King Kong fighting Godzilla

Godzilla vs. Kong: New Pic from the Clash of the Titans!

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Though the last flap on the set of Godzilla vs. Kongfell in April 2019, the Clash of the Titans won't hit our cinemas until May 2021. The long waiting time is not only due to the elaborate post-production of the high-impact film, but of course also to the corona crisis, which has forced the recent postponement of the start date from November 2020 to next year. This makes the film a good two years after the third MonsterVerse film Godzilla II: King of the Monsters start up.

The cinema release, which is still a long way off, also means that we won't be able to see the first trailer for the film anytime soon. The first few seconds of image material could be seen at the Comic-Con Experience from Brazil in December and certainly Warner would otherwise have marketed it at the Comic-Con in San Diego this summer. But this year's virtual at-home edition does not feature any major films, but mainly TV series.

But that doesn't mean that we have to forego impressions from the film entirely. They just sometimes come from unexpected sources, like the back of the figure packaging from Playmates Toys, which will be releasing a number of game figures for the film and is already marketing them. On the packaging you can see the first official picture of the fight between the King of the Monsters and the King of Skull Island:

The scramble apparently takes place on an aircraft carrier, and I have to wonder how the ship is supposed to withstand the weight of two kaijus over 100 meters tall. Anyone who has wondered how the in Kong: Skull Island King Kong, who is still much smaller than Godzilla, should now find with satisfaction that the young animal has grown significantly since the seventies. But he will not take action against Godzilla with his physical strength alone, but also has a weapon, as the character of King Kong reveals for the film:

The head of Kong's battle ax might, at first glance, be a sting from Godzilla's own back. That would also explain how he could use it to pierce Godzilla's armor. Already in Skull Island Kong improvised a weapon from a chain and a ship's propeller in the fight against the skull crawlers.

Director Adam Wingard (You're next) has promised that there will be a clear winner in the fight between the two. That doesn't mean either of them will be the movie's evil monster, too. It has long been suspected and rumored that in the end the two will ally against a common enemy, namely Mechagodzilla.

Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler and Zhang Ziyi turn out in the film King of the Monsters back. Are new to it Alexander Skarsgård ("True Blood"), Rebecca Hall (Iron man 3), Brian Tyree Henry ("Atlanta"), Eiza González (Baby driver), Julian Dennison (Deadpool 2), Jessica Henwick ("Marvel’s Iron Fist") and Demián Bichir (The well). Junkie XL (Mad Max: Fury Road) composes the film music.

Godzilla vs. Kong is expected on 20.05.2021 come to German cinemas. Warner has yet to announce any plans for another MonsterVerse film after him. Namely, the fate of the Kaiju universe depends on the commercial success of the film after Godzilla ii disappointed at the box office.