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Reviewed in Germany on October 6, 2018

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Highly recommended book on cannabis and CBD in medicine. I already have the "CBD Compendium" from Franjo Grotenhermen, which is more of an extended advertisement for CBD.
"Using cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) correctly", just like the book by Grotenhermen, introduces the subsatanz "CBD" itself. In addition, THC and all associated terpenes, which represent the overall picture of the hemp plant. Particularly good here: Individual clinical pictures are described in detail with the corresponding application options for the CBD. In addition, information on finished drugs, which are not so easy to obtain in Germany in 2018, if you do not have an informed doctor, a gracious health insurance company or, alternatively, a generous income. The book provides information on studies related to the clinical pictures. Dosage of the CBD plus the terpenes in question, which serve as particle accelerators. I found the latter particularly interesting. Grotenhermen does not state that the effects of CBD can be positively influenced and strengthened with lavender oil, hops, frankincense and citrus oils.
Overall, the book is easy to read, easy to understand, deals with legal and medical backgrounds, and may point to the future. Facilitating access options (cash takeover of finished drugs).

Absolutely worth reading book, even if you've googled a lot on the web or have been using CBD yourself for a while. While reading it myself, I did not have the impression that someone wanted to talk me into the CBD, so probably. also an informative book for interested doctors, naturopaths, physiotherapists and alternative practitioners.