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Microsoft buys Github for $ 7.5 billion

Microsoft bought the online service Github on the day of Apple's developer conference. The company announced this on Monday. The purchase price is $ 7.5 billion in shares. For Github, the price means a drastic increase in value: In the last round of financing in 2015, the platform was valued at two billion dollars, the financial service Bloomberg reported on the weekend.

Github allows software developers to share their projects. Other users can then download it and improve it themselves, making it easier for groups to work together. The platform is based on free version management software, Git, which was originally developed by Linux initiator Linus Torvalds. Microsoft is breaking new ground with the takeover.

The heart of Github is open source open source software. For many years, the Microsoft management around the former CEO Steve Ballmer had downright demonized the open source movement - and instead relied on its proprietary cash cow Windows. The last major takeover of the Windows-centric Ballmer era was the purchase of Nokia's cell phone division, which ended up costing Microsoft nearly $ 10 billion. But even with its own devices, the group failed to establish Windows as the operating system platform in the smartphone market and pulled the plug.

Open source veteran Friedman takes over

Nat Friedman, previously Microsoft's vice president of developer services, will become Github's new CEO. Chris Wanstrath, the former head of the platform, announced his resignation in August - since then the company has been looking for a successor. Wanstrath wrote that he would not have thought such a message possible when the platform was launched ten years ago. For a long time, open source and business were considered to be something that could be mixed as well as oil and water. At Microsoft, Wanstrath is to work on "strategic software initiatives" in the future.

Rumor has it that Friedman was used to counter criticism within the developer scene. US media had already reported on the takeover talks in advance - many developers then switched from Github to the competing platform Gitlab in protest.

"Microsoft is a company that puts developers first. Through our merger, we are strengthening our commitment to developer freedom, openness and innovation," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. In an entry on the company blog, Microsoft assures that Github will continue to operate independently. It should remain a platform for developers from all industries - there will be no restrictions in terms of programming language, tools and operating system.

Popular platform

About 28 million developers use Github, but the service is also popular with large companies such as Google and Facebook. These share projects, programs and the associated documentation on the platform. The company with the most contributors is Microsoft itself. Since Nadella took over as CEO, Microsoft has invested heavily in open source solutions, i.e. software that has an open source code and can be freely used and expanded by third parties. For example, Power Shell, Visual Studio Code and the Javascript engine of the Microsoft Edge browser are open source projects today, and Windows 10 now supports Linux. Accordingly, it makes sense for Microsoft to buy Github. In addition, the connection that this creates with developers should not be underestimated. Microsoft would have direct contact with numerous developers.

Integrate cloud service

Another reason could be Microsoft's pursuit of the cloud business, where the company offers storage space and IT services on the Internet. In this area, the company is currently growing rapidly - in the last quarter there was a turnover increase of 56 percent. But Amazon is still the market leader. Github offers the ability to share software projects and make them available for download, but not to run them. This is not a problem for smaller programs that only need a computer, but for larger, more complex projects that run over the network, cloud services such as those from Amazon or Microsoft itself are necessary. If the company manages to incorporate effective integration here, it could gain a major advantage over the competition. (Muzayen Al-Youssef, Markus Sulzbacher, 4.6.2018)